Your home budget will deteriorate more, sugar is going to be expensive after onion and pulses

Your household budget is going to deteriorate further soon. Because sugar is going to be expensive after a huge increase from onion and pulses prices. The Ministry of Consumer says that the government has enough buffer stock of pulses. It will sell about 8.5 lakh metric tonnes of pulses from its buffer stock in the open market, which will definitely reduce the prices of pulses. But now there is a possibility of sugar price increase.

Sugar production dropped

Sugar production in the country fell 35% to 45.8 lakh tonnes by December 15 in this marketing year. This has happened due to decreased production in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Sugar’s marketing year runs from October to September. Sugar production in the same period of the last marketing year was 70.5 lakh tonnes. Isma, representing the private mills, said that till 15 December 2019, sugarcane crushing was taking place in 406 sugar mills. In the last marketing year, by December 15, 473 mills were crushing.

Prices of onion and lentils?

The first consignment of imported onions reached Mumbai port. Imported onions will soon be seen in the retail market of Delhi. Here, to check the prices of pulses, the government is preparing to sell pulses from buffer stock. In such a situation, the skyrocketing prices of pulses are also likely to come down soon.

Sugar production in Maharashtra and Karnataka is lower as compared to last year, according to the sugarcane isma that was damaged in the flood. In both the states, mills started working late. Isma also said that the amount of sugar extracted from crushing sugarcane has been less than the previous year. Sugar mills are crushing the cane that was damaged in the flood along with fresh sugarcane. 1.52 lakh tonnes of sugar was produced in Gujarat, 1.35 lakh tonnes in Bihar, 75 thousand tonnes in Punjab, 73,000 tonnes in Tamil Nadu, 65,000 tonnes in Haryana, 35,000 tonnes in Madhya Pradesh and 30,000 tonnes of sugar in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. is. ISMA estimates that in 2019-20 marketing year, total sugar production may fall by 21.5% to 26 million tonnes.

Isma said that sugar mills and standalone distilleries have asked to supply 163 crore liters of ethanol to oil marketing companies (OMCs) this year. Out of this, 10.38 crore liters will be prepared from sugarcane juice, 62.58 crore liters ‘B’ heavy molasses, 86.39 crore liters ‘C’ heavy molasses and 3.78 crore liters will be prepared from damaged grains.

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