Year Ender 2019: Hima Das has won gold medals this year, then won millions of hearts like this

New Delhi :Year Ender 2019 Hima Das: 2019 and this decade is about to end. Sprinter Hima Das, a resident of Dhing, a small town in Assam, has proved herself this year by achieving many successes. Hima Das has won many gold medals in the year 2019, as well as she has succeeded in winning the hearts of millions of Indians, which is a big thing for this female athlete.

Hima Das, who created history for India by winning a gold medal in the Athletics Championship, has now become a role model for girls and boys of the country. 19-year-old Hima Das may have left a big tournament this year due to injury, but she has earned all the medals in a small event this year. Let us know that at the age of 18, Hima Das won the gold medal in the 400 meters race of the Under-20 World Athletics Championships.

Hima Das is the first athlete to win a gold medal for India in a track event. No man had achieved this feat before Hima Das. Not only this, Hima Das has a national record in the 400 meters race. Hima Das completed this race in 50.79 seconds at the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018. However, Hima Das got the silver medal in that tournament, but she won the gold to India while in the mix team and relay team.

Journey of Hima Das in the year 2019

After August 2018, the famous sprinter Hima Das, named as Dhing Express, returned to Poland via the oznan Athletics Grand Prix tournament, where she won the gold medal in the 200 meters race. The 200 meter race was completed by Hima Das in just 23.65 seconds. This is the matter of 2 July 2019. At the same time, on July 13, after a week, Hima Das completed the 200 meter race at 23.43 Kladno Athletics Meet in Keg Republic and captured gold.

At the same time, on 20 July 2019, Hima Das once again participated in the 400 meters race at the Nové Město in the Czech Republic, where she won her fifth gold medal. This 400 meter race was completed by Hima Das in 52.09 seconds. Earlier, Hima had also won four gold medals in the 200 meter race of different international events on 2, 6, 14 and 17 this month.

In July 2019, Hima Das did a great job by winning six gold medals in just 21 days. It was historic not only for Hima Das, but also for India. That is why Hima Das was called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet after returning from the tournament. At the same time, after winning the tournament, Hima Das used to donate half of the amount she received to the flood victims in Assam. This was the thing that made everyone their wish.

A few months before that, Hima Das had dropped out of many tournaments due to her back injury. After winning five gold medals in 20 days, he again got into trouble in his back. This was the reason that the World Athletics Championship held in Doha in October 2019, in which she could not play. Hima Das was also eliminated from this tournament due to back problem.

Hima was born in Kandulimari, a small village in Naogaon district, Assam. Hima Das belongs to the peasant family. Hima’s father Ranjit Das owned only two bighas of land, from which the livelihood of 6 members of the household used to go on. Himala Das’s mother, Junali, was a domestic woman who took care of her four children.

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