What is NPR? Is there any connection between NPR and NRC ??

Over the past few days, the atmosphere in the country has been buzzing with a lot of debate and controversy. With the word CAA -NRC repeatedly falling into the ear, the word NPR will be coming to our ears within a few days. Now you are going to question whether this is a new issue. So today we need to better understand what NPR is. Let’s take a look at the NPR, which is the National Population Register, for the quiz!

What is this register?

In simple terms, NPR is a register in which the names of people who have lived in one place for six months and those who are likely to stay for the next six months will be registered. Its purpose is to create a list according to the village, taluka and district.

Does this register have legal basis? Which of the Acts approved in Parliament apply here?

The Citizenship Act, 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. These two Acts contain provisions for the creation of a National Population Register. The first registration was made on the basis of this law. It was updated 2 years ago.

When is the government proposing to update this register now?

The government intends to complete this task from April 1 to December 2, prior to the Census.

What documents should the incoming officer provide for this registration?

Citizens are not required to show any documents or identification cards. This registration is based on declaration. Registration will be taken to ensure that the answers given by the citizens are true. So no documentation or credentials are needed.

Who is going to prosecute NPR?

This registration will be processed by Registrar General of India (RGI), under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Will it be registered in all the states of the country?

This will be updated in all states except Assam. There is no need to re-register in the National Population Register since the NRC program in Assam has just taken place.

If this is just a self-proclaimed statement, what information does it have to give?

The name of the head of the family, the applicant’s relationship with the head of the family, the parents, the name of the spouse if the person is married, the date of birth, the current address, even if temporary, permanent address, occupation, educational qualification, etc. are expected to answer the questions. The most important question will be citizenship, the answer to which is what the applicant will answer.

What is the purpose of collecting all this information?

It is all too hard to properly estimate the budget and scope before implementing government schemes like subsidies.

What is the relationship between NPR and the NRC in dispute?

Both have nothing to do with the government’s statement. Both of these are different lists. The NPR is related to the census whereas the NRC is for citizenship decisions.

What is the need for a new raise when Aadhaar card?

The main difference is that the Aadhar card biometric is based on handprints, eye doll photos and documents. The NPR will be the applicant’s voluntary statement. There is no need for biometrics or documentation. Creating Aadhaar card is optional while NPR is compulsory.

It is not only a scheme to bring many government benefit schemes directly to the citizens, but the government is collecting data in many other ways. Of course, time can tell just how much it will actually benefit.

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