Was the police entering the Jamia campus legal or illegal?

There are protests all over the country against the citizenship amendment law. In the violent clash that took place during this protest, the police entered the Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi and took action against the students without entering VC’s permission.

The debate has now started on this police action. The police also have to go through a special process to enter the university.

The university’s VC Professor Najma Akhtar has said to have an FIR against the police without permission in the university campus.

On the other hand, Delhi Police Chief Public Relations Officer MS Randhawa said, “The police were trying to dislodge the mob, when it was rocked and we had to chase them. We are investigating this incident.”

Dr. Sukhdev Thorat, former chairman of the University Grants Commission, when the police come to the campus without permission, says, “Police has started coming to JNU now. In 40 years the police never came in. The police used to come and stand at the gate. The university is an independent institution, so it is mandatory for the police to get permission from the university administration. However, in case of any major disaster, the police can enter directly. May. But university rules apply to everyone. “

On the other hand, Meera Borwankar, a knowledgeable and retired IPS officer of the police system, says, “The police always go with the permission to enter the university but in some circumstances this permission is not necessary. If the police are chasing someone, ie ‘ Permission is not necessary at the time when you go doing ‘hot chase’. But usually as the students are agitating on the university campus If you enter, police always contacts the administration. There is no conflict with the students, this thing is taken care of. If the police have to go inside while chasing the agitators, then they have a solid reason for that. Should be. “

According to Colin Gonzalvis, founder of the Human Rights Network and senior advocate of the Supreme Court, “The police at Jamia Millia and Aligarh University went without permission. If the vice-chancellor was present at that time, they must be informed in advance” .

Punjab University has one of the few cases related to police action in the campus. In April 2017, the police came to the Punjab University in Chandigarh when the students were agitated. The matter was to increase the fees. Students had come on the movement. The Chancellor had called the police to control them.

Arjun Shevran, Chandigarh’s senior legalist, says, “There have been opposite results whenever the university has police. So the central university has its own security system. The police cannot go without permission. If education is kept free and established It is better to keep the police away from educational institutions like the university. “

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