US military air strike against terrorist group, Al Qaeda is also dreaded

US strikes against Al Shabaab The US military carried out an airstrike in Somalia on Sunday and killed four terrorists.

The US military launched a forceful airstrike against the Al Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia on Sunday. Four terrorists of al-Shabaab were killed in this attack. The US Africa Command said in a statement that it coordinated with the federal government of Somalia to carry out attacks against terrorists.

The statement further said that air strikes were carried out targeting three locations of the terrorists. In the air attack, two terrorists were killed. The terrorist was killed by a US Army in Caliob Barrow.

Now is also stronger than al qaeda

Al Shabaab is now more popular among Islamic radicals due to the declining strength and support of al Qaeda. Al Shabab has undergone strong military training over the years fighting government armies, UN forces. Experienced fighters equipped with modern weapons make this organization extremely ruthless and dangerous. Iro was the first head of Al Shabaab. It was Iro who contacted the Taliban after losing in Somalia and sent his fighters to train with the Taliban in Afghanistan. After this, al-Shabaab started attacking in Somalia just like the Taliban. According to government sources, as of May 2011, Al Shabab has about 15,000 dreaded and trained terrorist fighters. Godane is currently heading the organization.

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