Trump Impeachment: Will Donald Trump’s chair go away? White House statement came out

The motion for impeachment against US President Donald Trump has passed from the House of Representatives. After the Ukraine controversy, Speaker Nancy Polosi spoke of Donald Trump’s impeachment accusing Donald Trump of misusing his position. On Thursday, when voting was held after discussion for 6 hours, the impeachment motion has been passed under two articles. Now the White House statement has come out after this process.

After the impeachment motion was passed, the White House said in its statement, “Donald Trump hopes that the Senate will carry out this process in the right way.” The fair process was not followed in the House of Representatives. Donald Trump is ready for any further process. “

The White House said that ever since Donald Trump took office, he has been working tirelessly for the American public, which he will continue to do until his last day in office.

What happened in congress

Let me tell you that the opposition party Democrats had a majority in the House of Representatives, but it is not so in the Senate. In the House of Representatives, the two resolutions that were brought against Donald Trump received 230–197, 223–198 votes. This proposal was to misuse the office and ignore Congress in its work.

What will happen in the Senate?

After passing the resolution in the House of Representatives, it will now go to the Senate, where a trial of the charges against Donald Trump will be done. After the trial, the Senate will vote on these proposals. If the motion falls in the voting, Donald Trump will continue in the office of US President. But if passed, he will have to resign and the Vice President will take over.

The US Senate has a total of 100 members, of which 53 members are Republican Party, 45 Democrats and 2 members are Independents. The trial process in the Senate will begin after 6 January, which can last for several weeks. However, Democrats may be hoping that it ends before February, as primary elections are to begin in February.

Donald Trump is the third US president against whom the motion for impeachment has passed. Before this, Andrew Johnson has impeached against Bill Clinton. However, the resolution against the two presidents was not passed by the Senate.

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