There is a video in which PM Modi is saying that there is no Detention Center in India, you decide who is lying: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has once again launched a strong attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alleged statement about not having a ‘detention center’ in the country. Also, Rahul Gandhi has raised the question by referring to his tweeted video that you should decide who is lying. Rahul Gandhi has accused BJP of lying. Talking to the media, he said, “I have tweeted a video in which Narendra Modi is saying that there are no detention centers in India, and the same video has scenes of a detention center, so you decide who lies Is speaking.

On Thursday (December 26), Rahul had targeted PM Modi and alleged that the ‘Prime Minister of RSS’ lies to Bharat Mata. Sharing a news related to the Detention Center in Assam, Gandhi tweeted, ‘RSS Prime Minister lies to Bharat Mata’. In fact, recently, Prime Minister Modi had said in a rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan that the rumors being spread about ‘detention center’ in the country are sheer lies. According to the news shared by the Congress leader, there is a detention center in Assam.

Let me tell you, while addressing that rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused the opposition of spreading fear among the people on the basis of ‘divide and rule’ and to promote violence on the revised Citizenship Act (CAA). While trying to allay concerns related to the subject amid widespread protests, he said that this law and the ‘NRC’ have nothing to do with Indian Muslims. Strongly defending this amended citizenship law, the Prime Minister while addressing a huge rally said that this law is to protect religiously persecuted minorities in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) and it is an individual’s rights. Will not take it away He also appealed to the people for peace.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress and its allies and the Urban Naxalites that they were spreading rumors that the Muslims would be sent to the Detention Center. He said that this law has nothing to do with Indian citizens and asked the people to thank the Parliament and MPs for passing it. He clarified that neither his government nor Cabinet or Parliament has discussed this controversial issue (NRC) and mentioned that it has been done only in Assam till now after the order of the apex court. The Prime Minister said that lies are being spread about NRC.

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