The person did not have the money to eat then put notice outside the house

New Delhi: No one knows when his life changes. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are in very good condition and suddenly the wheel of life rotates in such a way that they cannot get even a single meal. This is the time when a man pleads for help from others. Many times our families come forward for help in such circumstances and otherwise they have to take support from unknown people.

A 59-year-old man who formerly worked in a boot factory in Tingham was going through very difficult circumstances in his life. This man had nothing to eat and was forced to stay in at least clothes in the cold weather. Seeing his problem, this man named William finally decided that he would put a notice outside his house and ask people to help.

According to The Mirror, William placed a notice at the gate of the Garden of his home seeking help from the people. In his notice, William wrote, “I have nothing to eat, no electricity in my house … If you can help me in any way, I will be grateful to you”. After this, Craig Crawford, a Nottingham businessman, came forward to help William. Let me tell you, Craig runs a “Christmas campaign” every year and asks people to donate food, toys and furniture etc.

Craig Crawford lives just 10 minutes from William’s house, and when he sees this notice, he decides to meet William. Craig Crawford said, “When he arrived at William’s house, he felt colder than outside. He was sitting wearing only a coat, hat and gloves. Craig further stated, “William had not eaten properly for the last 4 days and was just living with a cook”. Craig said, “If no one comes here by Monday, he would hardly have survived”. Craig said, “This notice of William saved his life”.

Craig added, “In a few hours I had raised a lot of food and money for William with the help of other people.” He was in a very difficult situation. Craig said, “William had been gathering food for himself for a long time by selling his household goods, but now he had nothing to sell.” Because of this, he put a notice of help outside his house. Craig Crawford also asked people for donations to help William, so that he could once again stand on his feet. And through Facebook, Craig added £ 2,500 (about 2.35 lakh) to help William.

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