The government wants their voters in this country, not citizens

Today the whole country is on the roads. How strange and embarrassing this scene is.

The citizen who liberated the country from slavery, who created his own democracy of his country and who created and destroyed so many governments, today the same government is asking its legitimacy from the same citizen. Itra is making a law to declare it illegal.

If someone says that the servants have taken the right to decide the boss (the master-servant), it will not be wrong. This is the most critical time for democracy and such a delicate time comes when the government turns away from the Constitution; The legislature is arbitrary with numbers, not by legislation; When the bureaucracy turns into an army of jurists and the judiciary starts doing everything other than obeying and getting justice done. India stands at such a crossroads.

The situation is that the government has turned the country into a party and a license has been made to arbitrate the majority in the Lok Sabha.

Governments that consider the majority to be the ultimate truth only hear their voice; Only your face is visible. She has forgotten that the citizens are not from her, she is from the citizens. Citizens can change it whenever they want; Even if she wants, she cannot change citizens.

It is necessary to remind governments that it cannot dismiss a citizen; Citizens can reject it today and only now.

One of the concepts of citizenship and its basis has been given to us by our Constitution that one who is born in India is a citizen of this country.

Then the Constitution has also said that a person is born wherever he is, if he applies for citizenship of this country and the Constitution does not violate any system of law, then the government is bound to give him citizenship.

While doing so, the government can neither distinguish gender, nor religion or caste, nor color or race or country.

Citizenship is inviolable, the citizen is self-reliant. A country or society made up of that citizen is bigger than any person, party, organization or coalition – very big!

Therefore, it is necessary to remind the government that the authority it has taken on itself to certify citizens goes against democracy, constitution, civil morality and social responsibility.

Farhan Akhtar will hit the road against citizenship law

If we get into history, since the establishment of the National Self-Service Association since 1925, a straight and clean stream is found, which makes Hindutva its philosophy and claims that it will make this country a Hindu nation.

Inspired by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, etc., this organization of organized-driven Hindutva continued to face the biggest challenge from Mahatma Gandhi since birth.

Mahatma Gandhi was not only the greatest commander of the freedom struggle of India, but also the new philosopher of Indian society.

He called himself a Hindu – Sanatani Hindu !, but did not accept any element of the Sangh Parivari philosophy of Hindutva.

It was decided that when Gandhi could not find his hand, despite his direct challenge, by trying to take him along, and after trying all the tricks with him, and could not find any bite of his growing influence and grip on the Indian public, it was decided that They should be removed from the road.

This was the decision that succeeded on January 30, 1948, after five failed attempts and Gandhi was assassinated.

The plan behind the assassination was that the murder would create such chaos in the country, in the guise of which Hindutva forces would seize power. His concept of Hindutva is not able to run without the crutches of power, hence the search for power is his eternal pursuit.

Murder was done, but there was no such chaos in the country with the guise of which they reach power. Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel saved the country from such chaos and also took it out. That is why Nehru was and is his target.

From then till today, this philosophy of Hindutva could not create such a place in the society, with the expectation that they continued to work and neither could they ever get hold of power so that they could make India their agenda.

In Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s five-year prime minister, it could have been that Atalji was not ready to take off the ‘Chhoti-Nehru’ and the Sanghis avoided the dangers of Hindutva.

Therefore, the Atal-round was not a phase of Sanghi Hindutva, but a phase of preparing the land and its biggest laboratory was opened in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat. That experiment to establish Hindutva with the help of power was a great success for both the Sangh and Modi. Both eyes opened.

Court refuses to ban CAA

Then due to all-round inefficiency of the Congress, Delhi came into the hands of Narendra Modi.

Since then, the same agenda of Hindutva is being run from Delhi which was incomplete since 1925. This is the agenda of rejecting Gandhi and making India a non-India.

It is now known that there is no trust of power in democratic politics. Therefore, they have become increasingly involved in fulfilling their agenda, so that the possibilities of democratic reversal are over, and power remains in their hands.

The entire game, from demonetisation to the National Citizenship Register, is nothing but to sabotage the power of the citizen, make the constitution ineffective, and make constitutional institutions a hollow toy of the government.

The tragedy of the Congress, India’s largest political party, is that it has power-disease. If power comes, it goes into typhus. Indira Gandhi was the last leader who had the potential for political leadership. Today, the Congress fights in its own shadow, stumbling is only a party whose political agenda is set by Modi.

All the other parties of the opposition neither hold nor hold dreams for more than seizing their share of the monkey bond of power. So where is the opposition of Indian democracy? He is on the streets, not in Parliament. Today, youth and citizens are the opposition of Indian democracy. It is also a matter of hope and joy that democracy is coming in the hands of the people.

This is what the first chapter of our Constitution says. People on the streets are repeating the same thing of the Constitution again and again. There are people of all castes and religions among the youth, students and citizens on the streets.

The CAB or CAA is not a question of Muslims in any way. They have come first on the target because it is their role to target all other disagreements.

In the midst of lathi-bullet-tear gas, the voice is rising from the streets that we consider the whole of India and every citizen of this India with respect and authority as a citizen of India. We are not allowed by any government to determine the citizenship of us or theirs or anyone, because the constitution whose constitution is the constitution of all governments, the people are the authors of that constitution and also the permanent guard.

Governments can be selfish, corrupt and narrow minded. Can be communal as well as casteist. Governments are also opportunistic and change colors, this thing is not hidden from anyone.

They are made by the Constitution but do not respect the Constitution; They are made by vote but they mock the voter. It makes false and manipulative a weapon and wants to distort history and make sense of its meaning.

Today it is trying to play with our citizenship, will play with us tomorrow. It wants that its citizens are not citizens but only its voters. In the game of power, it wants to make society hollow. So the fight is on the streets. When the Parliament becomes dumb and the system becomes blind then the roads become a battleground.

A society that does not fight for its rights is cowardly and soon disintegrates. But he also has to tie the knot that violence is always suicidal.

Destruction of any property, whether private or public, is actually like hitting an ax at your feet. When the fight is with the system, then the person becomes secondary. The government has to explain or force it to take back its step of determining citizenship. It is not his job at all.

If there is a crisis of intruders in the country, then it is the responsibility of the government and only the government to make its system tight. Intruders do not enter the country with bills. They break into the weakness of the system.

They know that the dent can take place only where the wall is weak. Therefore, you should be a government, not a conspirator; You remove your weakness, do not weaken the citizens.

Aligarh Muslim University fills in the heat of citizenship law

Just a few days before today, when the uniformed police descended on the streets of the capital Delhi as a protestor. He raised slogans against his government, against the government. Roads were blocked.

At that time, he wanted public support in the fight against uniformed lawyers. Then someone fired teargas shells at them? Did the sticks die? Fired water swords? Citizens had said with a voice that they have come on the streets to speak their words when they are not being heard on any other platform.

The police should also understand the same. Should the police not get the same support from the police as the support it received from the citizens? Today the police is treating civilians as if dealing with enemies.

The police should also understand, the government officials should also understand, the workers of political parties should also understand, we and their parents should also understand that this fight is a fight to save citizenship, so not violence, courage; Ideological slogans, not abuses; Steely strike, not stonework; Not Godse, Gandhi; Don’t run, change; Do not be afraid, fight; Do not lose, win; And so there is no fear of crowds, the power of peace and the power of willpower is the biggest strength of citizens.

He should not lose this strength and restraint, only then this government will understand. If the government understands and takes back its steps, then our democracy will emerge stronger.

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