The economy is downhill, the news is missing from the news channels and newspapers ?

Ravish Kumar – Foreign investors started showing confidence as soon as Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014. Due to which 45 billion dollars of foreign investment came into India. Now that trust seems to stagger. Investors have withdrawn $ 4.5 billion from the Indian market since June. In one quarter after 1999, so much money has gone out. There is no mistake of investors in this. You know that the Indian economy has not performed well for 5 consecutive quarters. For the first time since 2013, India’s GDP has come down to 5 percent. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has said that if the condition of the economy does not improve, Modi has only six months. After that, the public will start challenging them.

In my opinion, it will not happen, because the results in the recent elections will show that Modi is the political choice of the public even after giving a poor or average economy for five and a half years. Swamy should know that now is not the time for UPA that the public will challenge at Ramlila Maidan and the channels will continue to show day and night. The public will also eat sticks and the advertisement of that channel will be stopped. Anchor’s job will go away. When the country had the highest unemployment in 45 years, the unemployed did not give importance to the question of jobs. Don’t get anti-Modi jubilation that if the job is not there, Modi will not get votes. Votes are received from Hindu Muslims. Now you see the issue of National Register has come. Their own citizens are being deliberately put under suspicion. They are being shown the fear of asking for proof of their being Indian. Voting will be on this and not on jobs and salary.

Ask those working in BSNL and banks. They know the reason for the ruin of their institution, they do not get salary yet they have voted for Modi. They are also proud of it. If the opponents want to challenge Modi, then create an organization. Give option Pray that the economy should be okay even during Modi, because everyone suffers its loss. Both the opponent and the supporter will go to work. It is another matter that if Modi government had a big idea about the economy, then its result would be seen after five and a half years which is not visible. Won’t see

The target of tax collection for 2019-20 is not being met. The tax collection figures show that the economy is on the slopes in the first six months of this financial year. Advance tax collection has increased by only 6 percent. Direct tax collection has increased at a rate of only 5 per cent. If the government is to meet the target, the tax collection will have to increase at the rate of 27 percent in the remaining six months. Which seems impossible. Information is taken from the report of Business Standard’s Dilasha Sethi.

Ask people working in real estate. How much salary has increased since five years, it must have gone upside down or the job has gone away. Read Krishnakanth’s report of Business Standard. Annual reports of 25 big developers of the country are showing that houses worth 1 lakh 40 thousand crores have not been sold. In the last one year there has been a 19 percent increase in unsold houses. Real estate’s total revenue decreased by 7 percent. Real state companies have debt of 91000 crores.

If the debt of a sector increases, then it affects banks. The salary of those working within the bank has not increased since 2017. Yet Hindu Muslims are on the rise among a large number of bankers. A large number of bankers do not see themselves as citizens. WhatsApp is roaming around in the mold of universities and channels carrying the identity of ‘political Hindu’. But it has not been benefited. Even after the number of two million, the bankers got nothing. On the contrary, the bank is forcing them to buy inferior shares. Bankers are buying under compulsion. At this time all Indians should come forward to save the bankers from slavery and mental trouble. Bankers should get good salary and their jobs can be good again, we all should support them.

Business Standard has another news. The year GST came into force, the investment of factories came down from 27 percent to 22.4 percent. This has happened only once in the last thirty years. The Hindu reported some time back how investment had declined after demonetisation. Business Standard has stated that there has been a decline in investment but the salary has increased by more than one per cent and employment has increased by 4 to 4.5 per cent which is the same as the growth rate already prevailing.

The impact of the blast on the Saudi Arabian oil company has started to appear on India. Oil prices are slowly increasing. Due to this, the Indian rupee is weakening against the dollar. One dollar has been priced at Rs 71.24.

Keep reading Hindi newspapers carefully. If there is a bad newspaper, stop immediately. If you do this then the same newspaper will become better in a short time. Channels cannot contain anything. So you should stop permanently. Or think that all the information is available on the channels on which you spend many hours?

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