Teacher did something to explain biology to children, photos went viral on social media

Pictures of a Spanish teacher are becoming viral on social media. These pictures are going viral because of this, the teacher wore a body suit with human anatomy to make the study of biology fun, so that students can easily understand all things. According to the New York Post, Veronica Duke has over 15 years of teaching experience and currently teaches various subjects such as Science, English, Arts, Social Studies and Spanish to Class 3 children.

Speaking to a website, 43-year-old Veronica said, “Children often find it difficult to explain by drawing a picture on an image or a board.” Some children understand this but some do not. So I got the idea to make an anatomy suit and I made a bodysuit with human anatomy. He further said, “I know that it is difficult for such young children to understand but I felt that I should try once”.

Veronica’s husband also supported her in this and the day she went to teach children in an anatomy suit. That day, her husband took some pictures of her and shared them on Twitter. After sharing on Twitter, the photos went viral, after which it was retweeted over 13,000 times and 66,000 people liked the post. At the same time, many people also made commendable comments on it.

In a tweet, Veronica’s husband Mike Moratinos wrote, “I am so proud of my wife because she has so many ideas.” Today she explained to the students about the human body by wearing this suit, and upon seeing this, the children said, Very well, Veronica.

However, this is not the first time Veronica has taught children with an idea like this. He has dressed the costumes of great people to explain the chapter of history to children and has used cardboard to explain grammar. She believes that this will change people’s thinking about teachers, who feel that teachers are boring and lazy.

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