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Take a look at these seven tips to make your ‘Dream Life’ a reality

His name is Brian Tracy!… By using his tips in life, millions of people have had a happy and happy life so far. Today I am going to share with you seven tips he has given to make ‘Dream Life’ a reality.

All of us have dreams, some have dreams, but once in a lifetime we have much to gain. We want to be happy, so what exactly is it like?

We mainly want four things: money, health, people who love us all the time, and always have a happy, cheerful, happy heart!

Enough! These are the four things to achieve in life, your ‘Dream Life’.

There is a man in America. Over the past forty years, he has taught people how to make the life of their dreams a reality. He is world renowned for his books and lectures, the name ‘Brian Tracy’!

By using his tips in life, millions of people have had a happy and happy life so far. Today I am going to share with you seven tips he has given to make ‘Dream Life’ a reality.

1) Seek the Future – What is the first step to achieving a dream? Whether it is planning, making big decisions, or building a good team, it is not the first step, but the first step is to bring dreams to life.

It takes a lot of courage to dream big, even though very few people do it. Remember, you have experienced, you have a grand-dream, and if you tell it to an ordinary wrestler, it makes you laugh.

Because their ability to dream is limited, and that limitation is their main enemy. Brian Tracy says, dream, dream as big as possible, the technique they say is, look at the future, imagine what your life will be like five years from now.

Paint your ‘Perfect Life’ with finer details, then how would you be, how would you look, your income, your wealth? What will be your health, your lifestyle? Ask yourself the answer.

The sooner you paint good, attractive ideas about money, health, loving relationships and spiritual satisfaction, the sooner your dreams will come true.

2) I do, say – ‘Jadav Molai Pyang’, a boy who was sixteen years old, had suffered a severe epidemic in his state in Assam in 1929.

Before Molai’s eyes, the valleys, the jungle was flowing, and only the swampy, deserted land was left.

Due to the lack of trees and greenery, different birds, different animals suddenly disappeared. Molai told the people around, ‘Let us plant trees here again, or else one day we will disappear like this.

The people laughed at him, and he followed the forest department to the trees.

Contrary to his warning, the Forest Department reversed and suggested that if you do the work yourself, we do not mind, and that answer did not make Molai healthy.

Sixteen-year-old Molai, with a spade in his hand, used to go out alone with a shovel, and for many years, without ever getting tired in the swamp, continued planting it.

His business was started for the last thirty years, till now he has been successful in planting two hundred hectares, which is an area of ​​thirteen and fifty acres. The trees he planted are now a sanctuary.

Hundreds of animals, such as Bengal tigers, namely tigers, are the only rare rhinoceros in India, a variety of deer, leopards, elephants, rabbits that live happily there today.

This is an excellent example of what can happen with just one person’s determination and action. The government has glorified that forest by calling it Molai’s Jungle.

Molai did not blame anyone, he picked up the spade and went to work.

3) A little more (Forti plus formula) – If you want a little more life than others, you have to work a little bit harder than others. Most people have a safe triangle in their lives, eight triangles, that is, eight hours of work, eight hours of rest and eight hours of sleep….

Ordinary people work forty hours a week, while those struggling for goals, years of life, seventy-eight hours a week, also work one hundred and ten hours if needed, ie twelve-fourteen hours a day without leave.

And these are the people who get out of the cycle of bread, clothing, set up early sources of rich income, experience the true joy of life ahead, even take a few months vacation and get the freedom to roam around the world.

If you want to spend all your life doing enjoyable things, then you must prepare for a few years of hard work.

4) Keep learning all your life – The education of ordinary people ends when they leave college, and they live a well-structured life, while successful people know that true education starts at the end of college;

In today’s rapidly changing world, new education is needed constantly. Two hundred years ago, to whom the land was regarded as more wealthy, a hundred years ago there was an industrial revolution, to which the factories and workers were regarded as richer.

That is why rich people are constantly reading, listening, watching videos, so that they can be heard when the right opportunity comes at the right time.

As the author insists, spend at least half an hour every day learning something new.

5) The Power of Honesty – Suppose you have two friends, one true, one spoof … with whom would you like to spend time? No one likes liars, liars, people who have no place for friendship, but how can one be in practice?

Which, as can be trusted, people like to deal with such people. The product or service is purchased from him. An honest person, regardless of age, race or religion, has the backbone of the customer.

Simply put, the author says, how successful are you? So much so that other people trust you, so much…

The only way to be confident is to always tell the truth, no matter how difficult the situation, do not lie. Honestly, people are honored, given the opportunity to work together.

6) Speed ​​up – Amazon did a research, if their website slows down for a second, they could lose 1.5 billion dollars a year, even if Google slows down for a second, it will lose eight million customers a year.

These two examples illustrate how fast we are living in the world today.

The twenty-first century is the new currency, that is, time. Therefore, we should value our own time and that of others. Clutter doesn’t know the value of time.

The world does not value those who do not value time. People who are quick to practice any task, concentrated, are more popular in society.

7) Good Companion – Eighty-five percent of happiness in life comes from people or friends, people you meet at home or at work, smiling, laughing, and getting good energy. There were more.

Creating a business-friendly relationship brings prosperity. At every turn in life, there will always be some people who are ready to take you forward, the author says, and be friends with such people. They will definitely help you in the future.

Another way to live a happy life is to ask, “Don’t ask, give!” Everywhere, rather than looking at myself, how can I come to the benefit of another?

Using these seven routes, Brian Tracy made the astounding journey from the well-educated to the unemployed. Good luck with such a truck!

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