Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen has said on Wednesday that she will not accept China’s “one country, two systems” proposal.

China presented this political formula to Taiwan, which Taiwan has rejected. Taiwan says that this formula has completely failed in Hong Kong, so there is no question of accepting it.

China claims that Taiwan is a part of it and if required it can subdue it by using force. Taiwan says that it is an independent country.

Taiwan has an election on January 11 and Sai is again in the fray. In his speech on New Year’s Eve, Sai said that Taiwan is a sovereign country and that it will free democracy from China and uphold democracy and freedom.

Fear of China is the biggest issue in Taiwan’s election campaign. The fear of China has emerged as a big issue in Taiwan’s election due to months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong-ruled China.

Sai said, “The people of Hong Kong have told us that ‘one country, two systems’ is definitely a failed formula.”

Hong Kong was a British colony, which Britain handed over to China in 1997 in exchange for certain provisions of independence.

Sai said, “Things are getting worse day by day under the ‘one country, two systems’ in Hong Kong. China has made the credibility of ‘one country, two systems’ questionable by abusing power.” In such a situation there is no question of accepting it.

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