‘Son was in hospital for hours, but no one checked whether he was alive or not’

Ground Report: Protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act became violent on 21 December in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. During this time a young man named Faiz Khan was killed. Family members allege that Faiz was not given medical facilities on time and was beaten by the police when the family tried to take his body.

Rampur: 25-year-old Faiz Khan, who lives in Rampur city in Uttar Pradesh, was supposed to go to Dubai on February 11. He got a job there. Faiz and his family were very happy. In this connection, on December 21, he left home at around 10 am to get a photocopy of some of his documents.

On coming to Rathpur’s Hathikhana intersection, about two and a half kilometers away, he noticed that a large crowd had gathered there and people were shouting slogans against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The police had barricaded from all sides, so the curiosity just stood there to see them.

At this point, the police started hitting Tier gas on the protesters. There was a stampede and whomever got the chance, he started trying to hide. Faiz noticed that an elderly man fainted with the smoke of tier gas.

Faiz proceeded to pick them up and as he was trying to pull the elderly into a street, a bullet came around his neck and he immediately fell there.

Family and eyewitnesses have claimed this in a conversation with The Wire.

Faiz’s twin brother Faraz Khan said, “If we had to go to a protest, I would have gone with him.” I was at home that day. ‘

On Saturday, December 21, there was a huge protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Rampur city on Saturday, in which Faiz Khan died. Family members say that the police fired at them, although police say that they were shot by someone in the crowd.

The city’s Ulama announced four-five days in advance that peaceful protests would be held on 21 December. The day before the Friday prayers, the Ulama had also decided that demonstrations would be held the next day. However, there were talks between the administration and the ulema on Friday night and the protest was officially canceled.

But this matter has not reached the general public. Faraz said, ‘If the public knew this, then these people would not gather there.’

According to eyewitnesses, on that day there was a crowd of about two to three thousand people at the Hathikhana intersection of Rampur. Those who participated in the demonstration say that they wanted to go to the DM and submit a memorandum. But the police barricaded the way and no one was allowed to go.

Faiz’s brother-in-law, Shiraz Zameer Khan said, “People were agitated after seeing this. He felt that he wanted to give a memorandum, what is illegal in this that it was not allowed to be given. ‘

Rampur police have arrested more than 30 people and 116 people have been named so far in total 17 sections including IPC Section 307. Thousands of people are unknown in this.

Shiraz says, “Faiz was always ahead in helping people, even if he did not have to do it by doing his own harm. In the last three months, he gave blood twice to his neighbors, who were not in a position to bear the cost. ‘

He says, “He had studied up to 12th standard.” Since then he has been working with his brother to sell surgical goods in bulk. She was engaged and had lived for one and a half years of marriage. ‘

Faiz’s brother Faraz says, ‘He was just a minute older than me.’

Faiz’s father Asim Khan and his three brothers together run a sweets shop in the city. This was the main expense of the house.

According to the family, after around 12 noon that day, someone called Asim Khan and was told that his son had been shot.

According to him, everyone was at home at that time except Faiz. After receiving information about Faiz being shot, members of the Ananfanan family went to the district hospital, where Faiz’s body was kept.

Father Asim Khan said, ‘He was shot in the throat from where the oxygen pipe passes. The blood was not coming out at all. Just a small hole was visible. It seemed that he was breathing at that time. The hospital remained furious for two and a half hours, a doctor looked at it to see if it had life or not. People were shouting where the hospital staff are. Nobody helped even after crying. No staff was visible there. ‘

The relatives were not allowed to go to the operation theater. Everyone stood outside him. After some time policemen started gathering there. Brother Faraz said, ‘We were telling the policemen to see if there is life in the body or not. But they did not let us go. None of the staff has looked at the niche, whether it is alive or not. ‘

Meanwhile, the policemen talked among themselves and said that they will take Faiz to Moradabad and place it on ventilator. The family members said that first of all, see if there is life in it or not. If you do not know how you will put it on the ventilator.

Controversy increased over this matter and the police from one side and the family from the other side started pulling the stretcher to take the body.

Faraz said, ‘They were pulling my brother like an animal’s corpse. When I objected, they beat me a lot and forcefully dragged my brother. ‘

According to the family, while the policemen were forcing Faiz’s body into an ambulance and beating and beating Faraz on the other side, while Faraz pulled his brother Faiz towards him, his body fell to the ground and Faraz also fell there. Lying.

At that time there were about 60-70 policemen there. The father standing at the same time cried and said that leave my son, there is nothing left in it. Faraz said, ‘We wanted to take him home and perform his funeral rituals.’

Faraz adds, ‘The police said that they would take Faiz to Moradabad as there could be public gathering here, there could be a ruckus, so they forcefully pulled Faiz’s body from the stretcher.’

Father Asim said, ‘I kept requesting the police that I do not want to take it anywhere. I want to take it home. I have no complaints with anyone. I lost my son I am not filing a case against anyone. But they forcefully took him to Moradabad Hospital. ‘

After requesting relatives, the police only allowed the father to sit in an ambulance. No one else was allowed to go along. However, the father’s phone fell somewhere in this disaster. Faiz’s body was postmortem in Moradabad and permission was given for burial at Rampur after being helped by local leader Faisal Lala.

The father said, “There I was lonely with Faiz’s body. I kept folding my hands with all the people and asked them to give me a phone to inform the family. But no one gave a call. Then the postmortem was done and the dead body was given around six o’clock in the evening. ‘

It is known that the police has not yet given a post-mortem report to the family.

Asim Khan said, ‘We ourselves wanted that there should be no dispute, so we soon handed it over to him.’

Khan does not want to make any FIR or any complaint about his son’s death. They said, ‘We have left over Allah. He is at the top, only he will do justice. We have not complained anywhere. Where the policemen have been seen firing from the front, what will happen in our case if there is no action?

Father Asim Khan has met the DM of Rampur and has told him that he does not want to lodge a complaint in this case, if the administration wants to do something at his level, then he can take action.

However, the father and family repeatedly repeat that even if there is an investigation, no one is caught innocent. It should not happen that in order to get justice in a hurry, they grab anyone and put them in.

The family has also refused to take any kind of political help and has also refused to let anyone in the administration come home to offer consolation, etc.

Describing the entire incident of son’s death, father Asim Khan gets emotional and wipes tears saying, “Faiz wanted to go to Manali this time on New Year”. On the other hand, Faiz’s mother is in deep shock after the son’s death. And are not in a position to talk.

The Wire has sent a list of questions regarding the matter to Rampur SP Ajay Pal Sharma. They have not given any answer yet. If any answer comes, it will be included in this report.

It is known that there are frequent protests in various parts of the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Between 20-21 December, there were similar demonstrations in several districts in Uttar Pradesh.

The law provides for Indian citizenship to people from Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities who have fled India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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