Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma became the ‘boss’ of ODI cricket in 2019, the highest run scored, Virat at number 2

The year 2019 for Rohit Sharma (Rohit Sharma) was amazing. He batted wonderfully throughout this year and was consistent in scoring runs. Rohit scored the highest runs in ODI cricket this year and he finished first in this case, surpassing other batsmen in the world. India played their last ODI match of the year against West Indies in which Rohit Sharma scored 63 runs. By the way, Rohit Sharma was the first in terms of scoring the most runs in ODIs this year.

Rohit became one-day boss in 2019

Rohit Sharma was the one-day boss this year and stood first in terms of scoring the most runs in this format of cricket. He scored a total of 1490 runs in ODI cricket this year. He played a total of 28 ODIs this year and scored so many runs in his 27 innings at an average of 57.30. A total of 7 centuries came off his bat this year and he also played 6 half-century innings. He was also dismissed once in these matches. His best score this year was 159 and he hit a total of 146 fours and 36 sixes.

Virat Kohli in second place

Virat Kohli has come second in terms of scoring the most runs in ODIs this year. Virat Kohli scored 1377 runs in 26 ODIs played this year at an average of 59.86. This year, Virat got a total of five centuries and seven half-centuries off the bat. He hit 133 fours and 8 sixes in these matches. This year, his best score in ODIs was 123 runs.

Talking about the number three, West Indies batsman Shai Hope was on this position. Hope scored 1345 runs in 28 matches at an average of 61.13 this year. He scored 4 centuries and 8 half-centuries this year. Hope’s biggest score in ODIs this year was 170 runs. This year he hit 117 fours and 21 sixes.

This year, the top three batsmen who scored the most runs in ODIs-

Rohit Sharma – 28 matches – 1490 runs

Virat Kohli – 26 matches – 1377 runs

Shai Hope – 28 matches – 1345 matches

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