‘Rebellion’ in JJP, BJP’s ally in Haryana? MLA said – We did not know the alliance happened in the mall

Chandigarh: There has been an uproar in the politics of Haryana. Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) vice-president and MLA Ram Kumar Gautam has resigned from the party post. He said that Dushyant Chautala should not forget that he has become the Deputy Chief Minister because of the party MLAs. Along with this, he has also expressed grief over Dushyant’s alliance with BJP.

JJP MLA Ramkumar Gautam said, ‘The JJP and BJP alliance was formed without the knowledge of most of the leaders of our party. I am very sad that they had talked about the alliance in Ambience Mall and when we came to know about it, we felt very bad. The public was sad and all the MLAs were unhappy. Dushyant took all the good departments. What about the other MLAs. Didn’t the people vote for them?

Ramkumar Gautam expressed his displeasure at the deputy CM, saying, ‘He (Dushyant Chautala) said that he will test us for three months. Who are you to test us? He said that the deputy CM has kept 11 ministries with him and has made only one MLA of the party a junior minister of the insignificant ministry. Dushyant Chautala forgot his family after coming to power.

After the JJP and BJP alliance in Haryana, it was believed that Ramkumar Gautam would be given the ministry but it did not happen. He further said, ‘I did not want to contest elections but Dushyant and his father Ajay Chautala wanted me to come with him. He knew that I am the only one who can defeat outgoing MLA Captain Abhimanyu.

He further said that he will not leave the party. Ramkumar Gautam said, ‘The public has chosen me. I am responsible to them. If I resign from my party, I will have to leave the legislature and I cannot leave my constituency in the middle. So I will carry forward the party with my blood and sweat. Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala said about this that he has come to know about the resignation of Ramkumar Gautam through the media. First he will talk to them.

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