Putin said over phone to Trump, thanks to US intelligence agencies’ initiative averted terrorist threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to his counterpart in the US, Donald Trump. According to news agency Reuters, the two leaders had a good phone call on Monday. During this, the two leaders discussed the relationship. According to the statement released by the White House, the information shared by the US, with the help of it, averted the threat of a terrorist attack in Russia. Putin talked to Trump about this.

After this dialogue, the relationship between the two countries is expected to be sweet. Russia and America have become friends these days, coming face to face on many occasions. According to an information released by the US intelligence agency, a large terrorist conspiracy in Russia was saved due to this initiative. To thank him, Russian Putin called Trump and said thank you. However, there was no information in this dialogue about how big the threat of terrorist attack was. The White House said in its statement that the two leaders further talked about fighting terrorist crises together. Apart from this, the two leaders also discussed the military deal between Russia and America.

Sorrow in US-Russia relations

Significantly, during Trump’s tenure, the relations between the US and Russia came in many ways and many times questions arose between the two countries. Especially opposition democrats have also surrounded the trump in the matter of Russia’s involvement in the US elections. Apart from this, Russia and the US were also face to face with the ongoing tussle in Syria. China has recently appealed to the United Nations against the sanctions imposed by North America on North Korea. Russia has also supported China in this appeal, which was condemned by the US. However, it has been decided during the meeting of the two leaders that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Russia soon.

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