Prime Minister made the lie true by the linguistic technique of ‘Arey’ and ‘Ray’

Starting with ‘Hey’, the sentences ending on ‘Ray’ have given new dignity to the Prime Minister’s language. The place of Ray in Tehzeeb’s book is not of ‘Hey’. There can be many references to the use of ‘Hey’. Hey ‘there is a call as well as a challenge. Anger too. There are also Ray’s, but hear O Sakhi Ray’s style, the Prime Minister did not mean it at all. There is misbehavior in his ‘Ray’. It is reproach ‘Ray’ belongs to Tu-Tadak’s family in street language. How much love the people gave to the Prime Minister of India, but what language did they give in return. The tone of his language in Ramlila Maidan was full of hate and lies.

His speech does not insult the public not only in terms of language, but also in terms of facts. At times, it is difficult to understand why the decisions of the Prime Minister in the defense of those decisions, which are said to get four hundred seats and strengthening of the vast Hindu unity, are the words of Tu-Tadak and Are-Re. . Will this great legacy be a public initiative of Hindu unity? Will the children of this vast Hindu unity speak in the homes of ‘Arey and Re’?

It is a matter of respect that the language of the Prime Minister goes soft in the matter of the mind, like a popular leader should be. But the language that his supporters have coined in politics and when his glimpses are seen in the Prime Minister’s language, it does not look good. Don’t spend one day speaking with your mother or sister at home, who are abusing mother and sister to their critics? A good leader also creates a standard of decency among his supporting community. The Prime Minister demolishes.

Have I ever asked on the basis of religion and caste? The answer is many times asked. Just last week, the Prime Minister in Jharkhand was talking about recognizing miscreants with their clothes. At the same election meeting, Amit Shah was calling himself a tradesman. If you go back a lot, the Prime Minister can be found calling the voters from their own caste.

In Ramlila’s speech itself, he proclaims the citizens of the citizenship law with ease and cunning. When they say that they should oppose Pakistan sponsored terrorism and terrorism or not. These people are opposing the citizenship law and the Prime Minister is putting them in the dock of being supporters of terrorism. Perhaps they are also declaring that the understanding of that vast Hindu unity with their intellect will end, which according to them will think as much as they would say. Is sad

If the hint of this is towards the Muslims carrying the tricolor in their hands, then it is just a small fact. In 2008, not only six thousand freemen had signed a proposal against terror, but meetings were held in two hundred places. In 2015, when terrorist organization I Sis reached India, it had meetings in more than 70 cities against it. It was led by Darul Uloom and other Muslim religious organizations.

In the same meeting, the Prime Minister did not once say that shoot the clutches of the country, the workers and leaders of his party who raised slogans for years cannot be. Their leaders and activists are raising slogans carrying the tricolor. We call Jamia the base of terror. The Prime Minister remained silent on these things and also on the violence and vandalism of the police. It has to be understood that in the name of Virat Hindu unity, psychological pressure is made to get 400 seats on everything, do their eldest leaders want to give this same language culture to that Virat Hindu unity? In which his supporters and the police of his state spoke the language of mob and violence?

At Ramlila Maidan, the Prime Minister asked the people to respect both the houses of the country. Stand up and be respectful. The atmosphere became warm in the bus field. People kept standing and doing Modi. Anyone would guess what a master stroke is.

But when this bill was brought in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, did the Prime Minister participate in the discussion? The answer is no. Was the Prime Minister in the House during the discussion? The answer is no. Did the Prime Minister participate in the voting on the bill? The answer is no. Did you know this or has the media told you this? The answer is no. Will the media tell you? So the answer is no.

His own party has repeatedly opposed the laws made by Parliament. There is a judicial review of the laws made by Parliament. Even then there is protest. The Supreme Court also allows a review of its decisions.

Many lies have been caught in the Prime Minister’s speech. He said there was no discussion in the government of the citizenship register. This was a lie because many times in and outside the house, Home Minister Amit Shah has said that citizenship registers are being brought.
Somewhere in his party’s election manifesto, the edge is written. You know how much the media reaches the public about the manifesto. Amit Shah has not yet said that he spoke in Parliament that he is bringing NRC without any discussion.

The Prime Minister told another lie that no Detention Center has been set up. In July and November this year, his government has told in Parliament that six detention centers have been built in Assam and how many people have been kept in them. The copy of the answer in Parliament is circulating in social media. You can check whether your Hindi newspapers and channels have dared to tell.

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