Pragyan Ojha mentioned Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni in retirement letter, you also read

Former Indian spinner Pragyan Ojha has written a two-page letter announcing his retirement from international and first class cricket. In this retirement letter, Pragyan Ojha has mentioned many Indian players including legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. At the age of 33, Pragyan Ojha made up his mind to quit cricket. You can also read this letter shared on Twitter below and know why Pragyan Ojha has mentioned Indian players.

In my letter, Pragyan Ojha wrote, “I am writing this letter with the announcement of formal retirement from international and first class cricket with immediate effect. Being an Indian cricketer and representing the country, always as a youth Tried to play well. I have no words to tell how lucky I have been to live my dream and my fellow countrymen Earned the love of issues and respect. Can not be greater than the reward for the person the sports. “

Ojha further wrote, “I have seen all the ups and downs during my career. Over time I have found that a player’s legacy is not only sustained by his hard work and dedication, but also by the trust of your team management , Which includes fellow players, coaches, trainers and fans. Their faith fills you with a sense of purpose and belonging. “

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“I am also indebted to the BCCI for giving me this extraordinary opportunity and putting my faith in it. It has been an absolute honor to be associated with the Board, an association that has shaped my professional life and also my personal development Has enriched. I have been a part of the Hyderabad Cricket Association for almost 14 years, and the incredible experience that I have gained will have an impact forever. I also want to express my gratitude to the members who have supported me through these mediums for years. “

Pragyan Ojha has also thanked Ganguly and wrote, “I am thankful to Bengal Cricket Association and Sourav Ganguly for extending their unwavering support during the bad times of my career. I also appreciate Bihar Cricket Association The team was allowed to lead with less time spent with them. “

Ojha, who has played around 100 IPL matches from different teams, wrote, “My journey with the Indian Premier League has also been a memorable one and the Purple Cap victory will always be an indelible memory. I share the legacy of Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians I have the privilege of making. My humble greetings to all my seniors and teammates, from whom I take great inspiration, and who have made me a better player. Mr. helped to try to be. “

“I am very grateful to VVS Laxman, who mentored me like an elder brother. I am also thankful to Venkatapathy Raju who was my role model and I have always followed him. I am constantly mentoring Harbhajan Singh and giving MS Dhoni an Indian cap.” Thank you for providing an honorable opportunity to wear it. “

“I extend my thoughts towards my time players Rohit Sharma and Manoj Tiwari, who have shared many happy moments with me. My Hyderabad teammates – Amol Shinde, MP Arjun, Alfred Absolam and SS. I am thankful to Niranjan who has been a part of my integral journey. My greatest gratitude to Arjun Yadav, who was the first Kapta played during my Ranji Trophy debut. Neither was Mr. Kanwaljit Singh who coached me in the early stages of my career. “

My journey would not be the same without the love and support of my father Maheshwar Ojha, mother Mrs. Bidulata Ojha, my loving wife Mrs. Kaibi Kailash and my younger brother Prateek Ojha. His presence in my life gave me immense power and help. I am thankful to my uncle Chakradhar Mohana and aunt Mrs. Gishishtha Mohana who supported me during my promising days in my career. “

“I am thankful to the late Mr. T. Vijaya Paul, my childhood coach, who taught me cricket. I have been associated with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) for the last twelve years, so I am grateful to him. I am excited by all my fans And remember about the passion and media support.

I have a deep connection to everyone I have been unable to mention here, who have contributed to my journey in their different times and enabled me to be the best version of myself and away from the field. In the end, I’m sure that looking back on my career will always fill me with a sense of pride. “

“The most memorable moment for me is getting my Test Cap from the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar then completing the feat of taking 100 Test wickets for the country. I hope that I will continue to contribute to the development of Indian cricket in every capacity .As I have entered a new phase of my life, I really want to teach important life lessons learned on the way to my son Yohan. I am curious. “

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