Powerful minister behind 200 MLAs’ sit-in? Danger bell for CM Yogi

What happened on Tuesday in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly was one such incident in the politics of the state that will always be remembered. Remembering that the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh on the one hand was counting the achievements of the government in the assembly on the issue of corruption and security, on the other hand, BJP MLA Nand Kishore Gurjar was questioning his government, why did they get the police and administration Is being harassed on behalf of

Nand Kishore Gurjar is an MLA from Loni assembly constituency of Ghaziabad. Nand Kishore could not raise his voice in the Vidhan Sabha, after which he sat on a dharna in the House itself and about 200 more BJP MLAs also sat on the dharna in his support. Somehow after 6 pm, he was picked up from the assembly by assuring justice, but this unprecedented incident in the history of the assembly itself has revealed a lot.

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What does the event mean?

This incident has serious meaning. But before looking at it, it is necessary to understand what is the agony of MLA Nand Kishore Gurjar, after which this whole atmosphere of a big cause was created. The MLAs sat on a dharna and created uncomfortable conditions for the government. The question here is not whether a legislator of the ruling party has questioned the system in his government. The question is further from this: Why did it happen on such a large scale and what is its real meaning?

According to the problem of Nand Kishore Gurjar, a food inspector in Loni area had wrongly licensed the meat business to the wrong people. He raised his voice for this. It is alleged that the MLA beat up the food inspector. A lawsuit was filed against the MLA and his supporters on the same charge.

The MLA complains that he has not been heard in this case and the administration has taken him on target. Nand Kishore’s allegation is that when he tried to speak in the assembly about this, he was not allowed to speak.

Serious allegations of MLA

Nand Kishore says that the officials of the area are completely engrossed in corruption and openly say that in the previous SP-BSP governments, the commission of twenty-four percent used to run in government work and now this commission has gone up to eighteen percent. He said this in the House on Wednesday as well.

These allegations of the MLA are serious and blur the government’s policy of zero tolerance on corruption. But this does not end here. The matter went even further when about 200 BJP MLAs sat on a dharna for not letting Nand Kishore Gurjar speak in the assembly. This is a very serious gesture.

This raises many questions which can be a cause of uneasiness for Yogi Adityanath. In this case, the opposition can smell a big plan.

What do the leaders of the opposition say

Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu feels that this is the result of a tussle within the government. The Yogi government has failed on all important issues including corruption, safety of women, so their leaders are now raising their voice freely. In such an environment, Ajay Kumar Lallu demanded the resignation of Yogi Adityanath on moral grounds. Leader of the Opposition and senior leader of the Samajwadi Party, Ram Govind Chaudhary, says this beyond this.

Calling the incident of 200 MLAs sitting on a sit-in protest against the government historic, he said that these are the notes of revolt which clearly indicate that most of the BJP MLAs do not want to see Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister.

He said that many MLAs sat on a dharna against him, which means the government has come to a minority. Ram Govind Chaudhary said that this is a case of going one step further against Yogi Adityanath completely. The effect of which will be seen in the coming days.

Whose planning to sit on the dharna?

Now the question arises that if such a large number of MLAs had sat on a dharna in the Vidhan Sabha under some big planning, then whose planning is this? Who is inside the government, who does not want to see Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister? Is this the next step in the tussle between Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and a powerful minister of the government?

By the way, the people inside the government tell that everything is not going well within the government. Most of the MLAs are angry about not listening to their views in the government. So, is this resentment now moving towards a coup in the form of mobilization? Amidst all these speculations, Yogi Adityanath called some legislators sitting on the dharna and dharna. One of the BJP MLAs to be met is Harsh Vajpayee.

He says that we are all in support of Nand Kishore Gurjar. But this is not a rebellion. At least in our government, we got a chance to speak in a democratic manner. But on the question that if the government listens to you then why do you have to sit on dharna against such a large number of government? He did not reply to this.

Most of the Tamat MLAs sitting on the dharna, including Harsh Vajpayee, are considered to be anti-Yogi Adityanath camp. It is clear that the legislators have united and given a message to the government that there is great power in the numbers force.

By the way, sources also tell that most of the MLAs sitting on the dharna had greeted the birthday of one of the most influential minister of Uttar Pradesh government at home and on that occasion of happiness, also said that if you hint, then your next Birthday we want to celebrate as chief minister

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