PM Modi shares pictures to see solar eclipse, Twitter user said – Meem will be made on your photo, Prime Minister gave this answer

PM Modi tweeted, “Like many Indians, I too was eager to see the solar eclipse. Due to being cloudy, I could not see the solar eclipse but I saw glimpses of the solar eclipse in Kozhikode and other parts through the live stream. “

After which, on these pictures of the Prime Minister, a Twitter user said that ‘now Mim will be made on this.’ In response to this, the PM retweeted the user’s tweet and wrote, ‘Welcome, Enjoy.’ But celebrities respond to their fans and sometimes even critics.

Residents of Delhi could not see the much-awaited solar eclipse on Thursday morning due to fog, but people in the southern parts of the country got to see this rare sight. Solar eclipse was seen in many parts of the country on Thursday morning. This was the last solar eclipse of this year. The solar eclipse started at 8.17 in the morning and lasted from 10 to 57 minutes. Everyone was watching this solar eclipse.

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