Opposing CAA Sushant Singh gets thrown out from ‘Savdhaan India’ show

Sushant Singh, the host and famous actor of the popular TV show ‘Savdhaan India’, has left the show. Sushant Singh himself gave this information by tweeting. Let me tell you, Sushant Singh on his Twitter handle had many tweets and retweets regarding the ongoing protests regarding the citizenship law and the violence in Jamia. It is believed that this is why he had to leave the show.

Giving information about leaving the show, Sushant Singh wrote on his Twitter handle on Tuesday, ‘And my work for Savdhaan India ends’. On this post, when a user commented whether he was paying the ‘price’ of ‘speaking the truth’, he replied, “This is a very small price my friend. How will we answer Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru? “

From this reply of Sushant, it is being speculated that the tweets he made are the major reason behind his leaving the show.

The move is also appreciated by many for Sushant Singh. Bollywood actress Sandhya Mridul praised Sushant Singh’s move, writing, “This person always stands for truth. Salutations to you my friend. “

Let us tell you that protests are going on in many states of the country including the capital Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act. These protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have intensified ever since the protests and police action by students at Jamia Nagar and Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi.

In this episode, students also protested in Mumbai and actor Sushant Singh was also seen speaking in this protest. Not only this, Bollywood and TV actors also raised their voice against this law. Sushant has played the character of Sukhdev in the 2002 film Legend of Bhagat Singh.

Sushant recently shared a post on Twitter, stating that he would join the protest on December 19. The post read – “National Action Against Citizenship Amendment, 19 December”. A large demonstration will begin at 2pm from Churchgate Station, on Marine Drive. People will gather near Tilak Statue at Girgaum Chowpatty for protest from 3pm to 6pm. ”Sushant wrote while sharing this post – I will be there.

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