Only 50 percent scope to save Notre Dram Church, Prayer on Christmas Eve not after 200 years

The building of France’s famous Notre Dram Cathedral Church is still so weak that there is only 50 per cent scope to save it. Not only this, for the first time in nearly 200 years, this church did not have a prayer meeting on Christmas Eve. This was informed by the pastor of this historic church. Explain that the 850-year-old church was completely destroyed by the fire on 16 April.

Monciner Patrik Shavet said that the work of Renovations of the Church is not likely to start by 2021. He expressed grief over not celebrating Christmas in this church after the French Revolution. On Christmas Eve, he said that this building is not out of danger today. Today we can say that there is probably a 50% chance that it will be saved.

President Macron wants to renovate by 2024

President Emanuel Macron wants to renovate it by 2024. During this time there will be an Olympics in Paris. However, experts have expressed apprehension about this deadline.

Massed people gathered at a nearby church instead of Notre-Dame

People from the Catholic community gathered heavily at the nearby Church of Saint-Germain I Auxerois instead of Notre-Dame. The 16-year-old Juniet said that it is not the same thing as before, but still the month of Christmas is of great importance. Juniet arrived here after traveling 700 km with her family. He also said that tonight he will definitely remember Notre Dram Cathedral.

Repair work of Notre-Dame Church continues

The renovation of Notre-Dame Church, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, is underway. This church is situated on the banks of the river Seine, which is visited by a large number of tourists every year. Its Gothic pinnacle, roof and many precious artifacts were set ablaze by the fire. There was more woodwork in this church. However, the main structure of the Gothic cathedral was saved during this time.

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