On Christmas day, ‘angry’ turtle set the house on fire, then it happened

London: A tortoise in County Essex, United Kingdom, almost burned its owner’s house on Christmas day. However, the turtle was not harmed in this incident and was rescued. In a house in Dutton Hill, County Essex, a turtle dropped the lamp above the bed on Christmas day, after which the bed caught fire. After this, as soon as the neighbors heard the fire alarm of the house, they immediately informed the fire department. As soon as the firemen arrived at the house, they saw that the house is full of smoke. However, within 25 minutes the fire brigade personnel overcame the fire and also saved the life of the turtle.

According to the BBC, the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service shared a picture of the turtle on Facebook, writing, “The 45-year-old turtle may be angry but had good luck today. He set his bed on fire. After which The neighbors called us as soon as they heard the fire alarm. ” Commenting on Facebook, a user wrote, “It seems angry that it has failed in its plan.” Another wrote, “It seems to be proud of its action.”

This 45 year old tortoise might look angry but it's his lucky day. After he set his bedding alight his neighbour heard…

Posted by Essex County Fire and Rescue Service on Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Great Dunmo Fire Station Watch Manager Gary Wayne said that this incident shows how important it is to have a fire alarm everywhere in your house. Even if you are not at home, with the help of fire alarm, the neighbors get to know about the fire. This Christmas was very lucky for this turtle which saved its life. He is 45 years old and will live a long life even further.

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