NETFLIX Around the debate, anger over Jesus Christ being called gay

Digital cinema platform release releases, many cinema, web series, many times content, vaccines sold. Asanch Kahisan Netflix release is Jhaleliya Ek Cinema Or the digital platform Nukatach release Jhalela Brazilian cinema ‘First Temptation of Christ’ or protests thousands thousands of number of people have descended. Or cinematographer Yeshu Khristanna (Jesus) is known for the homosexual accolades as well or as the cinematographer.

‘First Temptation of Christ’ or Brazilian cinematic production ‘Porta Fundoz’ is Kelly. The ‘Porta Fundos’ or Comedy Groupala 2018 would have been Siddha Mihala, a mid-Khrismaswar based Tayar Kelelya Ek Cinemala International Emmy Award.

In a scene in the First Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ is shown bringing a gay friend home. There are some similar scenes in the movie trailer. He then appears to introduce the friend to the family members.

This movie has been very opposed by all levels. Nearly 23 million people have demanded that Netflix remove the movie from this platform. Written letters have also been written and signed with the people. There has also been a fire bomb attack in Brazil against this movie.

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