Married at age 17, then divorced, Mahi Gill’s personal life was like this

Mahi Gill, who made her Bollywood debut in the year 2007 with the film Khoya Khoya Chand, got tremendous recognition from Anurag Kashyap’s film Dev D. Mahi Gill was born on 19 December 1975 in Chandigarh. His parents gave him freedom for his career and he got married at the age of just 17. However, this marriage did not last long. In July this year, he told that he is in a live-in relationship and has a daughter and is very private about his personal life.

Mahi Gill said that she is not married yet, and they are in a relationship. Mahi Gill said about her daughter, ‘I can proudly say that I am the mother of a daughter. In August this year, my daughter will turn three. However, I have not married yet. I will get married when I want What do I need to get married? It all depends on thinking and timing. Family and children can also happen without marriage. There is no problem in having children without marriage. I do not think there is any problem in this, marriage is a beautiful thing. But whether to do it or not, it is a personal choice.

Mahi is busy in many projects

Significantly, she came in a lot of discussion with her work in the film Dev D. He was well liked in the film. But she still regrets about working in a film by Salman Khan. In an interview to PTI, Mahi had said- ‘After Dev D, I received a lot of love and awards. People wanted to sign me for films, but I signed a domineering and it hurt me. Producers started offering me small roles. I felt very bad and I could not understand what to do. I believe in luck. I think it was written to be like this with me. I was sorry to play this role, but not now.

Mahi told that she did not want to do ‘Dabangg 2’, but Arbaaz Khan said that she is needed in the sequel too. Please tell that Arbaaz became Mahi’s husband in the film. Mahi told that he has not approached for Dabangg 3. Salman’s film Dabangg 3 is going to be released soon. Talking about Mahi at the same time, he is busy with his webseries and many projects.

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