Koneru Hampi is the first woman to win the Rapid Chess Championship

In the women’s World Rapid Chess Championship, Koneru Hampi of India resolved the Armageddon game against Lei Tingji of China. She also sealed the title. Koneru returned in the 12th final against China’s Tang Zhongia. She then had to play against Tingji on the tiebreaker.

Conoru Hampi was defeated in the first round. Then in the second round, until the 12th round, Hampi kept coming back. She scored 9 points after the 12th round. The winner was decided by the Armageddon game method after Hampi and Tingji scored. In this, Hampi won the title. Her Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has congratulated her.

After winning the title, Hampi said, “This is my first world championship. Very happy and excited with this victory. After the first round, I was able to come back in the second round. The next rounds were difficult but still won. At the last minute, my position was good so I could win the championship.

Hampi tied the game at third. This equality was important in her game. Hampi won the silver while Tingji got silver and Atalik won bronze. Hampi becomes India’s first woman to win the Rapid Chess Championship and the second chess player. Earlier, Vishwanath Anand of India won the title in 2017.

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