Jharkhand Election Result 2019: Has BJP drowned in ‘national issues’ strategy?

New Delhi: From what the trends of Jharkhand assembly election results are showing, it is clear that the people of the state preferred the local problems of the state over the national issues and rejected the BJP’s government in the issues of BJP. The Congress-JMM alliance has got an absolute majority in the trends so far. Among the advantages are Congress, RJD, JMM while JVM, AJSU and Independents are in the disadvantage. On the victory of the coalition in Jharkhand, Tejashwi Yadav said that the people of the state are plagued by corruption, unemployment is increasing. For all these reasons, the people of Jharkhand supported our alliance. Our government is going to be formed in the state. The alliance led by Hemant Soren contested the election and he is going to become the Chief Minister.

The Congress coalition stressed local issues in this election. The coalition raised the issue of tribals, their roots, forests and land issues very loudly in this election.

BJP entered the election field alone. When the election phase started in Jharkhand, at that time the decision of Ram temple had come. BJP mentioned this in every election rally. The removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir was mentioned in almost all election rallies. When the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in Parliament, this mention also began to appear in election speeches. But the BJP was unable to answer the issues that the opposition parties were raising on local issues. That means BJP was referring to national issues in election meetings, while all opposition parties including Congress were raising local issues.

With less than expected people coming to an election rally, Amit Shah said that you should go to your home and call 50-50 people to vote for BJP. The election cannot be won by this number.

During the election campaign, another thing was seen. Raghubar Das appeared with Narendra Modi in the BJP’s election post, while other local leaders of the party were missing. The same situation was seen during the assembly elections held in Bihar. Whereas in the election campaign of Congress-JMM-RJD alliance, local leaders were given preference in the posters printed.

Let me tell you that according to the trends so far, the Congress-JMM-RJD alliance is getting a majority. This alliance is leading in 42 seats. At the same time, the BJP, which gave a tough competition to this alliance, has lagged behind. The BJP is now seen folding in 27 seats. At the same time, Ajsu is leading in 6 and 3 other seats.

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