Is the National Population Register (NPR) the first step of the Citizenship Register (NRC)?

Home Minister Amit Shah has clarified several times in a long interview to ANI that the Population Register (NPR) has no connection with the Citizenship Register (NRC). Amit Shah gave an interview on the day the cabinet approved the budget for census and population register. However, with the notification of 31 July 2019, the commencement of population register has been announced. That is, the verdict is about 5 months old. It has been rebuilt on the pretext of budget and due to fresh debates.

So, did the government make the Population Register (NPR) bigger on its behalf so that water could be poured out on the ruckus over the Citizenship Register (NRC)?

The matter is further complicated by the statement of Home Minister Amit Shah. When the old statements in this case started to be investigated, it was found that after 2014, the Modi government has clearly stated on 8 occasions within both houses of Parliament that the Population Register (NPR) is the first step of the NRC. While being the Minister of State for Home, Kiran Rijiju has said that it has decided to prepare a citizenship register by preparing the National Population Register.

The 2018-19 annual report is on the Ministry of Home Affairs website. Its page number 262 clearly states that NPR is the first step towards NRC. That is, both have relations. Whereas Amit Shah says that the two are not related. That is, it is now clear that NRC will start across the country only when the work of NPR is completed.

To understand more you go to the website of CENSUSINDIA.GOV.IN. If you click on the column containing its NRC, the page of NPR opens. It is written that all the people living in India have to file their information in NPR. There will also be biometric information in that information i.e. the iris and fingerprints will also be taken.

Then you go to the census website in the column of FAQs called FAQs. Number 5 clearly states that NPR is the first step towards NRC. Those who will be registered in the same population register will be separated from those whose citizenship will be doubtful. Obviously you will be asked for documents to check citizenship. Because it is written in the 2003 manual. Only then will the list of suspicious citizens be made.

Not only this, the point of FAQ of CENSUSINDIA.GOV.IN and it is clearly written in the working manual that will be biometric. While Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has said many times that neither the documents will be sought nor biometric.

But the manual clearly states that “Some additional work is expected from you at the time of photographing and fingerprints. There will be two phases of photography in each rural and urban area. Find out the date and time of the photography camp. It is clear that it is a matter of biometric. Now this manual is not available but we have installed the screen shot. There is also talk of biometric in the FAQ. His screen shot is also given below.

Amit Shah says that there is no relation between NPR and NRC. The answers of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs report and the census website have both been linked to each other.

NPR was also done in 2010, 2015. In a limited sense. The entire population was not included. Last time there were 15 questions. This time 7 new questions are related. One of these new questions is to give information about birthplace of parents. Many people are saying about this that its question is related to NRC. Because the rules of the citizenship law of India ask the birthplace of parents.

The objectives of the Population Register are not only to make government schemes accessible to the right people, but also linked to security. In the name of security, governments change gears and people become wonderful. Fall silent.

You must have one more question. Aadhaar was brought to bring the benefits of schemes in the country to the right person. It was said earlier that Aadhaar would be voluntary but you see how it has been made mandatory. So the question is that Aadhaar is the number of all citizens, then why is NPR? On this, Srinivas Kodale has written a long article in The Wire, which I will soon introduce in Hindi.

You know that Hindi newspapers will not work so hard for you. It is very important to equip Hindi regions with information. From the comment of this post, you will be able to know what IT Cell has made the youth. Will not speak on what is written. Ala-Balai will start speaking.

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