How to impress in interview? These websites will help

This is a website that gives all kinds of advice related to cracking interviews. Along with this, you will also find tools related to job searching resumes and career advice.

Interviewing for a job is never easy, because you do not know what kind of questions will be asked in it. What should be the body language? Which question should be answered, etc. But there are some websites, which can help you in preparing for the interview …

The Interview Guys

This is a website where all kinds of advice related to cracking interviews are given. Also, here you will find tools related to job searching, resumes and career advice. If you want to prepare for the interview only, then you can go directly to the interview section. In this, you are given tips and advice related to what kind of technical questions are asked in different fields such as sales, project management, marketing, etc. Apart from this, you can also visit its YouTube channel, where you will find useful tips related to interview preparation.

Website: Theinterviewguys

Hirefunnel’s Question Bank

Interviews related to different job fields are also different and questions are asked accordingly. There is a large database of questions here. These questions are based on the questions asked in different fields (copy writing, sales, management, engineering, etc.). This can be useful for job interview preparation. It also included more than 300 common questions asked in interviews. You can also watch videos related to what can be a better answer to questions.

Website: Hirefunnel


It is also a good platform for interview practice, but it has been developed keeping in mind the engineering professionals. In this, the help of Skype is taken for interview. It immediately gives you feedback based on the practice of the interview. This will help you improve the practice of interview.

Website: Gainlo

Interview School

It is a mock video interview platform based on artificial intelligence. You can practice mock video interview here, then with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the interview will be given the rate i.e. Marks. However, the free version also includes basic video interviews, which have the 10 most common questions. There is a time of five seconds before answering the questions, so that they can answer better. This app then records the entire interview and analyzes it with the help of AI. If you want, you can review the interview yourself.

Website: Interviewschool

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