Google Pay 2020: collect 7 stamps like this and win ₹ 2,020

Google Pay is giving its users a chance to win up to Rs 2,020 in the new year. For this, users have to collect 7 stamps. These 7 stamps will complete a cake and you will get a chance to win a reward of up to Rs 2,020 as soon as the cake is complete. The lower layer of the cake has a balloon, DJ, sunglass stamp. The middle layer has toffee, selfie and pizza. At the same time, there is a disco stamp on the top layer.

On the occasion of Diwali, the company had given a similar challenge in which a reward of Rs 251 was being given. But many people were living in it. Now it must be going on in the minds of the users that how to complete the 7 stamps for the new year, then we are telling you the method here.

Collect 7 stamps like this and complete the cake:

The first way of this is that you transfer money to either a business, or a spot or Google Pay user. You will get a stamp for P2P Payments. This will give only one stamp to a unique Google Pay user. Through this method you can win 5 stamps daily. For this, the transaction amount should be Rs 98 or more.

Another way. Pay the bill through Google Pay. Its amount should be Rs 300. At the same time, the mobile top-up or recharge amount should be Rs 98 or more. You can also collect a maximum of 5 stamps through this method.

Third way. You can invite any of your friends to Google Pay through your referral code. As soon as your friend signs in on Google Pay and makes their first transaction, you get a stamp. In this way you can collect 5 stamps daily.

Fourth way. If you have a gift stamp extra, you can send it to your friend. You can win 1 gift board when your friend collects a gift stamp. At the same time, if you send multiple stamps to your friends, you can also win a bonus stamp.

The fifth way. You can also win the stamp by scanning the 2020 number near you. However, this method is only available for Android users. This allows you to win a maximum of two stamps.

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