Encounter between National Guard and suspects in Mexico, eight killed

Encounter between National Guard and suspects in Mexico, eight killed

Eight people were killed in an encounter between the National Guard and suspects in Mexico. A National Guard officer has also been injured in this. Police suspect that suspects may be associated with the fuel stealing gang. However, the police is investigating the case. The area of ​​the suspects is being searched by siege of the area.

Mexico’s National Guard said seven gunmen and one of its officers were killed in a shootout Tuesday in the north-central state of Guanajuato. One officer has also been injured in this encounter. A National Guard officer said that some of the suspects opened fire on them while patrolling by soldiers on a highway in Eraputa city. After this, the soldiers of the guard took over and fought back. Eight people died in this firing.

The state of Guanajuato in Mexico was once considered a relatively peaceful agricultural and industrial state. But so far this year, it has recorded more murders in Mexico than in any other state. In this state, police have recorded 3,211 suicides in 11 months this year. In the case of crime, the state has now overtaken California to the top. Much of the violence in Guanajuato is caused by gangs stealing fuel from the government pipeline. So the gang launched a campaign of extortion and murders.

A great part of the brutality in Guanajuato is brought about by packs that take fuel from government pipelines. Since the administration took action against the unlawful taps, the groups have released a battle of blackmail and killings.

Across the nation, the quantity of crimes in the initial 11 months of the year rose 2.7 % from a similar time of 2018.

The government says about 40% of all murders across the country are packed in around 30 urban areas and townships. For instance, the Pacific coast port city of Manzanillo had a murder pace of 121 for each 100,000 occupants so far this year, while the outskirt city of Tijuana had a pace of 105 for every 100,000 and close by Playas de Rosarito had 126.5 per 100,000.

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