credit card mistakes

Do not use Credit Card. These 4 mistakes are very damaging

The trend of giving and receiving credit cards is increasing rapidly. Banks are at the forefront of this. Banks get calls from banks for collecting credit cards. They offer credit card as per customer’s requirement. But, you should know that credit card loans are very expensive. In the absence of awareness, people get stuck in credit card debt. Today, in this news, we are telling you some things that you can do to get relief from credit card debt.

It is very important to get a credit card only

Only take credit card if necessary. Never take credit cards just for fashion. Monthly interest rates on credit cards are close to 2 to 3 percent. It may look low to you, but if you take out the annual interest, it is too much.

You get trapped in a credit card loan trap. You don’t even know. If you are having trouble repaying a credit card loan, first stop using your card for some time and then pay it back after paying the loan. Plan to repay the loan. If you have more loans, first try to repay the credit card loan.

Emergency withdraw cash only

Avoid withdrawing cash from a credit card. This is the worst way to use a credit card. There is no interest free period for withdrawing cash from credit card.

Make sure to pay the credit card bill

It is harmful for you not to pay your credit card bill on time. Never ignore payment reminders. This will reduce your credit score and may make it difficult for you to take any loan further. You may also become a defaulter in the future if you miss a payment.

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