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Dangerous bug on WhatsApp, a text message app and chat can be deleted

New Delhi : Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is launching a lot of features on one side. At the same time, the problem of hacking on users is also increasing. According to a new news, hackers can crash the user’s app through just a text message. This bug is quite dangerous. With this help, the app crashes and uninstalls and has to be reinstalled.

Experts at security firm Checkpoint have detected a bug that can cause apps to crash into smartphones at once via a text message. Researchers have said that this bug is quite dangerous. In such a situation, if the app crashes in this way, then the daily activity of the users is affected.

There is an attack on group chat together: If you look at the statistics, WhatsApp has more than 150 crore users and more than 100 million groups. Around 65 billion messages are sent daily. In such a situation, if the message affected by this bug is sent in groups, then many users can be targeted simultaneously. This will cause many users to crash and uninstall the app simultaneously. After this, users will have to reinstall the app. However, group chats will be deleted.

WhatsApp will have to update: Let us tell you that upon reinstalling the app neither group chat nor chat history will be able to access. Checkpoint has informed the company of this bug. The company has fixed this bug. The company has advised that users should update the latest version of WhatsApp. After this, there will be no threat from any message.

This empowered analysts to see the parameters utilized for WhatsApp interchanges and control them.

The new research expands on the ‘FakesApp’ defects found with a money order Point Research, which permitted bunch visit messages to be altered to spread phony news.

WhatsApp has likewise discharged another beta that gets various changes, including a fix for a genuine bug that caused the last form of WhatsApp beta for Android to crash for some clients.

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