Coronavirus not controlled before June, global GDP may decline by one percent: report

If the corona virus is not controlled before June, it may cause global GDP to fall by one percent. A report by Dun & Bradstreet said this on Thursday. According to the report, the outbreak of the corona virus has already affected China’s economy on a large scale and will also have an impact on global business. Significantly, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19) as a World Health Emergency on 30 January.

Lunar New Year holidays are generally sluggish in Chinese business activities in late January. This time, due to Corona virus, this slowness has become very long, which is also affecting the global business. Now the return of global trade depends on how soon the corona virus can be controlled.

Dun & Broadstreet has reported that 90 percent of China’s economic activity is located only in areas where corona virus infection is more susceptible. According to the report, ‘the impact on China’s economy will gradually expand and show the impact on the international level and if the outbreak of this virus is not controlled till June, it will cause global economic growth rate to be up to one percent. There may be a shortage.

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