Congressmen ask for donations on Priyanka Gandhi’s Scooty invoice on the road

Lucknow: Congress workers demanded donations on the road in Lucknow to pay for the money of the scooty of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka was going to meet the family of former IPS SR Darapuri arrested for opposing CAA. When she was stopped, she reached there sitting on a scooty. The traffic police had invoked Scooty for not installing the helmet. The BJP has called it a stunt.
When Priyanka Gandhi’s vehicle was stopped by the police, a girl offered her scooty to go to them. On this, she left with the party general secretary Dheeraj Gujjar. Since Gujjar was not wearing a helmet, the traffic police challaned him. In his press conference, he did not listen to it when asked questions on it.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said, “How many big issues are there in your state, please think how big are the issues”. When asked what was the challan imposed on you? So he said, “Yes, it is okay… If you have put it, then put it… let it go. Which is the big thing… will give… whatever will be fine. ”

But the Congressmen took to the streets to ask for donations to raise the amount of fine. He continued to explain this to the public. The people of BJP called it a cheap stunt. But the Congress says that Priyanka’s scooty challan was done during the movement, so she went to the public to donate it. However, the scooty owner deposited the fine amount himself and put the money in the Congress fund.

Congress leader Dwijendra Tripathi said, “Since we are leaving for the work of the people, it becomes our duty to go among the people and tell that we are connected to your work … with your work.” If you want, help us. The challan that has been cut, the government has committed with us, to bring it to the public… It is also a medium. ”

The news is made when Priyanka lands on the streets. Perhaps Congress leaders felt that some news should be made in the name of their scooty challan.

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