‘Citizenship Amendment Bill’ and Nitish Kumar’s compromise with principles, this ‘U turn’ is amazing

New Delhi: Has Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar compromised all the principles in politics to save his Chief Minister’s chair? Or Nitish Kumar has bowed before Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National President Amit Shah to stay in power. Both these questions are doing after the support of Janata Dal United on the Citizenship Amendment Bill. His party’s ‘defunct’ national vice president Prashant Kishore has raised this question on Nitish Kumar in a tweet. Nitish Kumar is silent himself. Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh, the leader of his party in the Lok Sabha, has supported the bill on this basis. He said, ‘We support this bill. This bill should not be viewed on the basis of minority and majority. If persecuted minorities in Pakistan get citizenship here then it is a good thing.

At present, whether it is Lalan Singh or Prashant Kishore, everyone knows that the decision to support himself is from Nitish Kumar and Nitish Kumar, who was reading the news papers related to this bill every day, was aware of the nuances of every point of it. But despite this, after changing the old stand and negotiating with the top leadership of BJP, supported this bill. Let me tell you here that Nitish Kumar had opposed this bill in the meeting of the National Council of JDU.

Currently, he will do politics with the BJP and if he has to compromise with his own policies or political principles, he will not have any diet. He has an idea that his own image is made as the ‘greedy leader’ of a chair. Nitish Kumar does not care about all these things anymore. His assessment is that no matter what the media writes about him, the ground reality of Bihar politics is that his alliance with BJP and Ram Vilas Paswan will continue. And in the support of BJP in Parliament, they can get so much benefit that BJP gives JDU more seats in the assembly elections.

At the same time, people who have been watching Nitish Kumar’s politics for years, say that he does not go on this issue but now, on every issue, the BJP especially keeps pace with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. He may have opposed in principle on the issue of Article 370 and triple talaq, but on sensing the public’s opinion, he also supported the Central Government on both these issues.

Earlier, during the Lok Sabha elections, Nitish Kumar did not even release his party’s manifesto because he knew that his stand on these issues would be conflicting with the BJP. Therefore, there should not be any spontaneous talk in the media, Nitish Kumar ended the formality of issuing the manifesto.

Nitish Kumar has been avoiding the media during the entire election, people say that all these are such steps that it was clear that Nitish Kumar does not want to give more attention to ideological issues than Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah because they have to give their future especially political future It seems safer to keep these two leaders behind. The corruption issue on which Nitish Kumar broke his alliance with the RJD was on the same issue that his own friend and Saryu Rai ticket which exposed all the scams was cut.

On one hand, Nitish Kumar supported Saryu Rai’s candidature, but when BJP called other parties for 4 seats, those who are facing charges in corruption cases say that Nitish Kumar did not have to fight his candidates but BJP’s Under the pressure of the central leadership, the vote cut off on the symbol of his party made the people stand in the election. And this is also done by Nitish Kumar in his chair. Even before this, these things were revealed in the election of Gujarat. Most of the Janata Dal United candidates have been raised at the behest of the BJP and they are being supported not only by the Janata Dal United leaders but also the BJP leaders.

However, it is the new Nitish Kumar who claims to never compromise with corruption and communalism, but who in his stubbornness has created a parallel economy across the state. He gave the freedom to loot criminals, his corrupt cops and people and would spend crores of rupees in the human chain in the name of prohibition, but not for checking blood to catch alcohol drinkers like Lab nor Breath Analyzer like Will measure the necessary equipment. Nitish Kumar no longer punishes criminals, but arranges for criminals. At the same time, if you leave some names in your cabinet, most of them do not work without money. An example of which was the water logging of the capital Patna.

It is a state of communalism that people are burnt alive on the basis of their religion, but Nitish puts all his energy into suppressing the accused of that incident instead of punishing them. In the case of most riots, the accused turned out to be the leaders of BJP, but when Nitish came to punish him, he became silent.

So now Nitish Kumar runs away from the media question on every issue which is completely opposite to his own nature. For Nitish, Gandhi, Lohia and JP are only to speak, he has given up his policy principles to save the chair. These are the new Nitish Kumar who currently take their decision at the behest of Modi and Shah. Their own staunch supporters also believe that they are not surrendering the agreement to stay in power and will do whatever they thought was wrong till yesterday And spoke against policy principles. So now Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will dominate Nitish on every issue.

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