Citizenship Amendment Act: Why Akshay Kumar admitted his mistake

Jamia University. University of Delhi. JNU TISS. Aligarh Muslim University. Nadwa College of Lucknow. Urdu University of Hyderabad, IIT Chennai.

Protests about the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act are being seen in different universities and colleges of the country.

After the protest by the students of Jamia University in Delhi, the incident has caught fire due to the incidents of violence. Jamia Milia’s VC Professor Najma Akhtar said, “Police entered the university campus without permission.” An FIR will be filed soon in the case.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has sought a time to meet Home Minister Amit Shah. PM Modi tweeted on Monday afternoon, “There is a need to maintain peace and brotherhood. My appeal is not to believe the rumors. The protests against CAA are unfortunate. ”

On Sunday, when this protest was taking place in Jamia, Delhi, PM Narendra Modi was holding an election rally in Jharkhand. In this rally, PM Modi said, “These who are setting fire. His scenes are coming on TV. Who are these firemen? It is known only by their clothes. If the people of Congress, their colleagues and those who oppose us, can understand, then understand that what you are doing. The country is watching those who support the silent efforts of arson. ”

This statement and protests of PM Modi are discussed on social media. These include many film personalities including Akshay Kumar, Raj Kumar Rao, Anurag Kashyap, from the common people.

Reactions on PM Modi’s statement

We listened to PM Modi’s statement. We got thousands of responses to this saying.

Sappan Mittal wrote on PM Modi’s statement, “Very irresponsible statement”.

Shivani Mishra writes, “A big mistake made you prime minister.” It has been only one year. Know how we will live for the next five years?

Mitul Chaudhary wrote, “Yes, right.” These people were in Khaki uniforms.

Ravi Shankar writes, “What does such a statement mean? How correct is it to say such a person sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair? ”

ISupportDelhiPolice, #CAAProtests, #ISupportAkshay and #HindusAgainstCAB are top trends on Twitter. Some people are justifying the police action.

Rakesh Aggarwal wrote, “Salute to Delhi Police”.

Surya Singh writes- There is no one with the Delhi Police because they are not vote banks.

Students’ performance: Bollywood’s silence and reactions
A section of Bollywood has given their reactions to this whole issue. However, many big names are still in silence.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap had been missing from Twitter for a long time. Now Anurag has returned to Twitter.

Anurag Kashyap wrote, “The thing has increased a lot. Can not be silent anymore. This government is completely fascist. I am angry at the fact that those who can make some difference are silent. ”

Actor Rajkumar Rao tweeted, “I condemn the way police used violence in the case of students.” Everyone has the right to protest in a democracy. I also condemn the way public property was damaged. Violence cannot solve anything.

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted the talk of J. Krishnamurthy, “If you don’t have affection, then do whatever you want. Worship the whole God. Do social work. Help the poor Go into politics. Write poems or books. You are a dead person Without love your problems will increase … countless. ”

Did Akshay Kumar make a mistake?

In the midst of all this, a reaction of Akshay Kumar was also discussed. This reaction was like Akshay Kumar, which was on a video in which the police was beating the students.

After this like, people started trolling Akshay Kumar on social media. Seeing the matter growing, Akshay Kumar also presented an explanation on Twitter.

Akshay Kumar said, “The video featuring Jamia Milia Students was made live by mistake. I was scrolling and accidentally hit the button. I unlocked as soon as I realized it. I do not support any such action. ”

Lyricist Varun Grover wrote, “Whatever may be next, but the fact will always be in the history that some Makkar people tried to divide this great country in the name of religion, a student studying in the library, the most sacred place of a university – Tears-gas, lathis, and abused girls. The present will be blurred, there will be history.

Director Anubhav Sinha wrote, “Icons of film, art, sports, art, politics and literature place.” We chose what we chose because we did not want to become public servants. But now all are government servants. Hahaha.”

Taapsee Pannu wrote, “This is the beginning or the end. Whatever it is, but new rules are being written. The one who does not fit in them will suffer the consequences. ”

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