Chinook helicopter deployed in Siachen border area near Ladakh, increased air force

Chinook helicopters of the Indian Air Force are being deployed in the Siachen area near the Ladakh sector. Indian Air Force American-origin Chinook helicopters have started operations in high altitudes including the Siachen Glacier area in the Ladakh region. Chinook helicopters are transporting military equipment to high altitudes. Chinook helicopters were inducted into the Air Force in March last year.

Why is Chinook helicopter special?

The CH-47 Chinook is an advanced multi mission helicopter, which will provide heavy lift capability of unmatched strategic importance to the Indian Air Force. It will serve as a humanitarian aid and combat role. This helicopter will play an important role in transporting heavy weight military equipment in high altitude areas. Indian Air Force fleet has so far been heavy weight helicopters of Russian origin.

The Chinook is a multipurpose, vertical lift platform helicopter used in carrying troops, weapons, equipment and fuel. It is also used in humanitarian and disaster relief operations. It can also be used to deliver relief material and save a large number of people. Chinook has a fully integrated digital cockpit management system. In addition, it has Common Aviation Architecture Cockpit and Advanced Cockpit Management Features.

Started in 1967

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter is double engineered. It started in 1957. It was inducted into the army in 1962. It is built by Boeing Rotorcraft System. Its name is derived from the Native American Chinook. This helicopter can fly at a speed of around 315 kmph. Since its inception, the company has also made some changes over time. Along with the change in its cockpit, its weight was reduced by making several other changes including its rotor blades, advanced flight control systems. It is currently one of the fastest helicopters in the US.

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