Central cabinet approves NPR amidst ruckus on CAA-NRC, to spend Rs 8500 crore

The National Cabinet has approved the National Population Register (NPR) amidst a furore over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC (NRC). This news is coming from sources. About 8500 crore rupees will be spent on this. NPR is completely different from NRC. Under the National Population Register (NPR), a nationwide house-to-house census is being prepared to prepare a database of citizens from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020. Let the state of West Bengal and Kerala also oppose NPR.

The full name of NPR is National Population Register. Its main goal is to create a database of comprehensive identity of common residents of the country. This data will also contain biometric information along with demographics. The initiative to form NPR began in 2010 under the UPA government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Then work on it started before the 2011 census. Now the census is to be held again in 2021. In this case, work is also being started on NPR.

There is a difference between NPR and NRC. Where the motive for identification of illegal citizens is hidden behind the NRC, in this, any resident living in the local area for six months or more is required to register with the NPR. If an outsider is living in any part of the country for six months, then he too has to be lodged in NPR. There is also a purpose to prepare the biometric data of the people through NPR and to reach the reach of the government schemes to the real beneficiaries.

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