CAA: These Hindus of Assam worried about citizenship law

What was less of the “sorrow of not being considered an Indian despite being an Indian” was that Chandan Dey was concerned now – despite being a Hindu, he could not apply for citizenship because the citizenship law is not applicable in the tribal Bodoland region .

In his broken Hindi, Chandan says, “Oo law will be applied to the new people who come, but we are old men, we have been made new like them. And the law is not that of BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Administrator) District). “

The Narendra Modi government’s strategy of keeping the tribal areas of ILP area, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura out of the purview of the law has weakened its opposition to the law, but these areas, especially the Bodo region, have millions Has created new difficulties for Hindus.

Sanjay respected teacher by profession says let Amit Shah stay outside, first tell this, “How, how many times prove we are Indian”.

“The Citizenship Amendment Act ie CAA does not benefit the local Bengalis because they are already citizens of India. Will the government mix them with the refugees too? And then they will be treated as citizens!”

Sanjay asks, “What should the government tell the Indian citizens who have to do?”

Refugees come to India

According to the All Assam Bengali Youth Students Council in Bodoland, comprising four districts of Assam – Kokrajhar, Baksa, Chirang and Udalgiri, there are lakhs of Hindus whose names have not been included in the NRC i.e. Citizenship Register and now the concern is that citizenship in their residential area If the law will not apply, what is the way for them?

People are asking whether now we have to prove that our father and grandfather came here not 10-60 years ago but 10-15 years ago and we are not Indians, refugees from Bangladesh, or Pakistan have come to India?

Sushil Das of the Student Council, a resident of Kumarkala, says, “Bengali organizations are trying to meet Home Minister Amit Shah, but there is no expectation that this will be possible soon due to the growing opposition against the law.”

Home Minister Amit Shah said in Parliament that the government will get NRC done in the entire country and it will be done again in Assam as well.

But the recent NRC in Assam, in which people have been financially and mentally exhausted from the gathering of documents to circumnavigate the offices of babus-officials and lawyers so much that they are talking about another NRC Hearing this, you get frustrated.

Against the citizenship law

Chandan says, “Whether kill or keep it here, now I don’t have the courage to spend thousands again.”

They ask, “Where will we go when our security is not there in the Hindu nation. When Nehruji was the Prime Minister, he called us, we were kept in camps, given land, got citizenship. Now those documents have no value?” We had brought them all by selling gram, the government had given those documents, they have no value ?! Hindus have no existence. “

Sanjay Puraskar’s tuition center remained closed on Wednesday, amid the ongoing protests against the citizenship law, people are scared of the news of attacks on a few Bengalis.

Sanjay says, “In the 30 years after the Assam Accord, a kind of peace was established between Bengalis and Assamese, which was broken by the NRC and now it has been further enhanced by the Citizenship Amendment Act.”

For Bangladeshi Hindus

A video of an insurgent leader from Assam is circulating on social media, threatening that if Bangladeshi Hindus apply the citizenship law, all Bengali Hindus will be expelled from Assam.

Prasannajit Dey, who is studying law, says, “Think what kind of feeling is there for Bengali Hindus in people’s minds.”

There are also rumors of talks with the National Democratic Front of Bodoland, a banned organization seeking a rule and separate Bodo country in the area, which has made the atmosphere here more tense for Bengali Hindus.

Sushil Das of All Assam Bengali Youth Students Council says, Bengali Hindus had voted for BJP thinking that Hinduist organizations will take care of our interests, but now what will not happen?

News Credit : BBC

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