CAA Protest: Sourav Ganguly’s statement on protest against citizenship law

New Delhi: BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was recently in discussion about the Instagram post of his daughter Sana Ganguly. Sana through her post had supported those opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. Sourav Ganguly on Friday broke his silence over the protests against the Citizenship Act (CAA). Ganguly has appealed to the protesters not to be violent to speak out. People perform in a peaceful manner.

Sourav Ganguly said, ‘This will be my message regarding maintaining peace. I will not go on this political issue because I have not read this bill. I do not think it can be commented on without reading it. People maintain peace and harmony. If people have any problem, then concerned people will be present to understand and explain it. Everyone’s happiness matters to me.

Let us tell that Saurav Ganguly’s daughter Sana Ganguly posted some lines taken from Khushwant Singh’s book ‘The End of India’ in his post. These lines were in opposition to the hanging forces. After Sana’s post went viral, Sourav Ganguly made a tweet and appealed to keep the daughter away from them. Ganguly wrote, ‘Please keep Sana out of these issues. That post is not true. She is very young and does not know anything about politics.

Gauahar Khan also praised Sana Ganguly in his tweet. His tweet is becoming viral on social media, as well as people are commenting a lot on it. Addressing Sana, he wrote, “I am a fan of Sana Ganguly”. Please tell that after Sana Ganguly’s post went viral, his father himself Sourav Ganguly tweeted and said that this Instagram post is not true. In a tweet regarding daughter Sana, she wrote, “Please keep Sana away from all these matters. That post is not true. She is very short and knows nothing about politics.”

Let me tell you in the Instagram story that went viral from Sana Ganguly’s Instagram Story, “The Sangh is already targeting leftist historians and west-oriented youth. Tomorrow women wearing skirts, meat eaters, drinking alcohol , Those watching foreign films will also turn into hatred. Use toothpaste instead of dentistry, go to allopathic doctor instead of Vaidya, ‘Jai Shrier As if shake hands instead of putting a call or kiss me. No one is safe. Keep alive India we have to understand it. “

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