CAA Delhi Protest: Jumee’s prayers in strict security, internet shut down in Ghaziabad, root diversion at Hapur

There has also been talk of a dharna demonstration on Friday in Delhi-NCR in protest against the citizenship amendment law. Thus, due to the prayers of Jumme, strict security arrangements have been made in Delhi-NCR. Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi, has been closed since Thursday night.

CAA Delhi Protest Live Updates:

The protests in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, in protest of citizenship amendment law have reached Friday the 13th. There is still accumulation here and they are performing from morning to evening.
In terms of security, police personnel are always stationed here, so there is root diversion in many places.
The district administration in Ghaziabad, adjoining Delhi, has decided to close the schools up to 12th on Friday and Saturday, along with the internet, in view of the potential flood.
It is being reported that Delhi Police has tightened its waist to settle the last Jumjay prayers in a peaceful manner. To deal with any situation where additional police force will be deployed around Muslim Bahul areas and mosques.
At the same time, the police have prepared to shut down the internet immediately if needed. Police have a special eye on Jamia, Batala House, Shaheenbagh, Jama Masjid, Daryaganj, Silampur and Jafrabad.

The police made strong arrangements

Police officials said that with the Special Branch, the district police are being vigilant and keeping an eye on all the areas so that there is no fire. Police have been informed that after Juma prayers in Jama Masjid, people can protest against citizenship amendment law. Jamia students have been reported to come to Uttar Pradesh Bhawan. Police officer says there is no restriction on peaceful performance in Jantar Mantar. If anyone tries to perform without permission or the law is in hand then the police will deal strictly. All police stations have been asked to be vigilant during prayers. Last Friday, after the Jumma prayers, people were violently agitated in many areas including Daryaganj. In view of this, the police have made strict arrangements for security. There will also be deployment of Rapid Action Force everywhere.

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