BJP leaders scuttle to tukde tukde gang, but Modi government’s information on this is surprising

New Delhi: A worker has claimed that in response to a question asked under the Right to Information Act (RTI), the Union Home Ministry does not have any information about the gang. In his tweet, activist Sanket Gokhale has attached the answer to the question asked by the Ministry of Home Affairs last month. Sanket wrote in his post, “The tukde tukde gang is not officially present, it is only an estimate of Amit Shah’s imagination.” However Digital Dunyaa has not independently verified the issue.

“Tukde-tukde gang” is a term often used to attack Right-Wing Left-backed groups and their supporters. The ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’ was coined after allegedly raising anti-national slogans at an event at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). During that time a sedition case was filed against Kanhaiya Kumar, the head of JNU Students Union, who organized the event.

Last year, Union Home Minister Amit Shah used this term many times. During an action in Delhi, Amit Shah while referring to the people protesting against the CAA, said, ‘I want to say that the time has come to punish the Congress-led gang. He is to be blamed for the violence in the city. People of Delhi should punish them.

Earlier this month, Home Minister Amit Shah accused the Delhi Chief Minister twice that Arvind Kejriwal did not approve the prosecution of Kanhaiya Kumar and others who had allegedly raised anti-India slogans.

Since the attack on the JNU campus, the university has been repeatedly targeted on this issue on social media. Masked people targeted students and teachers during JNU violence; In which more than 20 people were injured. Many users had expressed their opinion while using ‘piece-by-gang’ on social media. BJP’s Karnataka unit also mentioned this in their tweet.

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