Bigg Boss 13: Is Salman Khan a missed host? Arhan Khan gave this statement after coming out of the house

Every season of Bigg Boss’ show host Salman Khan is accused of discrimination. Sometimes contestants after exiting the show, sometimes viewers … Salman is trolled for discriminating in almost every season. During ‘Bigg Boss 13’ there were many such occasions when Salman Khan was accused of being bypassed. Rather this time too, the homeless contestant accused Salman of doing so. Recently Arhan Khan has also given his statement on this.

On Tuesday, Arhan Khan’s journey from Bigg Boss house ended for the second time. After leaving the show, Arhan spoke to several media houses. During this, he was also asked questions about Salman Khan and the show being lost. In response to which Arhan said that he does not think Salman Khan is biased at all. At the same time, the actor refused to speak on the channel and production house.

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