Bank Holidays: Banks will be closed for three consecutive days, next month there will be a strike, complete your work on time

All government and private banks will remain closed for three days from today. Not only this, there will be many holidays of banks in the next month also. So if you have to complete your banking tasks on time, then you have to keep in mind the bank holidays. Due to Maha Shivaratri, banks will not open today on Friday. After this, banks will be closed tomorrow due to Saturday being the fourth Saturday. After this, banks will not open on Sunday. In this way, banking work is going to be interrupted for three consecutive days.

Talking about next month i.e. March 2020, the banks will have a three-day strike. This bank strike is going to be on March 11 to 13. But these three-day strike can be very heavy for the customers, because these three days are going to be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Banks will remain closed on 7 and 8 March before the banks strike. Because the second Saturday is falling on 7 March and Sunday on 8 March. After this, the banks will open for just two days and the strike will begin. After a three-day strike, the banks will open one day on March 14 and then Sunday will come, due to which the banks will remain closed. Apart from this, on March 10, due to Holi, there will be a holiday for banks.

Due to these holidays of banks, important banking functions like check clearance of customers can be stopped. To complete their banking operations on time, customers should dispose of their banking operations keeping in mind the holidays of banks.

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