Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane said from NDTV – ‘Army is away from politics and will stay away’

New Delhi: The country’s new army chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane had a special conversation with NDTV. During the conversation, the army chief said that the army is away from politics and will remain far away. The army chief says that the army works under a special strategy to deal with the terrorist threat. He said that a plan will be made according to the need. He said that we know that there are camps of terrorists across the border. We have an eye on them. As soon as the news continues, we will make a plan accordingly. Whatever will be threatened will be destroyed.

Army Chief General MM Narwane said that the Army is always operational ready. For any threat, this will also be our priority. Anti-terror strategy works accordingly. Terrorist camps are across the border. Those who are there will try to destroy them. General MM Narwane said that the situation in Kashmir has improved to a great extent. There has been a lot of good after August 5, there is no doubt about it. He said that there is an eye on what is happening across the border. Accordingly, based on the input, we make a policy.

General Narwane said that there is an atmosphere of peace on the China border, there is no problem. Development is taking place on both sides, good for the country. Only development is not happening on their side. Roads are being made. He said that the army has always been political, it will always be like this. When we are admitted, we swear that we will follow the constitution.

Let me tell you that on Tuesday, General Narwane took over as the army chief. He replaces General Bipin Rawat, who has been appointed India’s first Chief of Defense Staff. General Narwane was earlier serving as the Deputy Chief of the Indian Army. He took over as deputy chief in September this year.

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