Accused murdered in front of a judge in Bijnor, U.P.

In the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, two people accused of murder in the CJM court on the court, fired some bullets in which one was killed and the other managed to escape.

During this, two policemen were also shot. The attackers were arrested from the court premises itself. The court complex has been completely sealed.

This whole incident happened when the case was being heard in the CJM court. CJM Yogesh Kumar narrowly survived the firing.

Bijnore Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Tyagi said that in June this year, BSP leader Ehsan and his nephew were shot dead in Najibabad, in which a case was filed against Shahnawaz and Jabbar of Najibabad.

Police statement
SP Sanjeev Tyagi said, “A few days ago these two accused had surrendered in Delhi, who were brought to Delhi Police Bijnor for appearance in CJM Court. Meanwhile, Ahsan’s son Sahil reached the court premises with his two colleagues. And started firing, targeting the accused. Shahnawaz was hit by several bullets and died on the spot. The attackers ran and caught him . “

Some eyewitnesses say that the attackers were not caught by the police but by the lawyers present there and handed over to the police. Due to this firing inside the court premises, there was panic. Top police officials reached there and security of the court complex has been increased. A lawyer present there told the BBC on the condition of anonymity that at the time of the firing incident, the CJM was present there and they also had to flee and save their lives.

During this time, the second accused, Jabbar, who was on the muscle, managed to escape from there. Two policemen, including the head Moharrair present in the court, were injured and have been admitted to the hospital. Police sealed the court premises amidst chaos. Amid tight security, the police took the three accused to the police station.

Despite the vigilance in security arrangements due to the enforcement of Section 144 in the district and the appearance of murder accused, the police are also shocked by the incident of armed people arriving and attacking in the court premises.

SP Sanjeev Tyagi says that it is being investigated how the armed people reached there despite the security check.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has once again targeted the Yogi government over the firing in the court room in Bijnor.

He has tweeted, “The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has converted the rule of law into a crime raj. Now criminals are directly entering the court and shooting and the judge has to save his life. I do not know what dust has been thrown in the eyes of those who give the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh every day a “crime free zone”. The fact is that the law system is in the hands of criminals in Uttar Pradesh.

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