51 BHU professors protest signing campaign against CAA and NRC

51 professors of Kashi Hindu University (BHU) have protested against the revised Citizenship Act (CAA) and the proposed National Citizens Register (NRC) by launching signature campaigns. After the arrest of students opposing CAA and NRC, BHU and its 51 professors have raised their protest by running this campaign.

Significantly, last Thursday, on the call of Left organizations, about 12 students opposing the CAA and NRC were arrested by the police. The students say they were demonstrating in a peaceful manner. They allege that three students were arrested from hostels on the university campus.

According to news agency Bhasha’s report, BHU sociology professor Ajit Kumar Pandey said, “We do not oppose any law.” If there are some loopholes in the law, then people have the right to protest against it peacefully. We are not advocates of any violent protests, but arresting someone for ideological differences is a violation of democratic values. ‘

However, Superintendent of Police Prabhakar Chaudhary has denied arresting any students from the university campus. He said that those arrested are mainly leaders of Left parties, some of whom may be BHU alumni. He said that the police has not arrested any students of BHU.

Significantly, the violence spread in an area of ​​the city only after the arrest of BHU students, in which an eight-year-old boy was killed in a stampede. Police had put up posters of the miscreants involved in the violence in different parts of the city. At the same time, a reward was also announced for those who gave information about miscreants.

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