10 places to visit in Mumbai … How much have you seen?

Today, Mumbai has many levels of diversity. Whatever came to Mumbai, they made an impact in Mumbai. The influence of the English is seen in South Mumbai. It is a little later that we will see the surroundings surrounded by modern buildings, and also the slums that stand in front of these luxurious buildings. There is Mahalaxmi in Mumbai and ‘Haji Ali Darga’ on the other. You will not miss a day watching this diversity of Mumbai.

… but if you want to return to Mumbai, definitely visit the following 5 places. Well then let’s see today, 3 beautiful places in Mumbai that have created the identity of Mumbai …

10. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Museum is famous for its historic collection besides its construction. The combination of various architectures like Rajput style, Jain style, Islamic style is seen in this building. Along with this beautiful building, the 50,000 ancient artifacts kept in the museum add a special significance to this whole space.

9. Gateway of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is the Gateway of India, close to the museum. The Gateway of India was established at the time of George V Pancham’s visit to India. The skillful combination of Indo-Islamic architecture and Gothic architecture can be seen here. Gateway of India is Mumbai’s identity, so we should definitely go here.

8. Sassoon Dock

The Sassoon Dock was the once famous dock. Moreover, the market was also filled here. But now this place is known differently. Here you will find walls filled with murals, sculptures, artifacts. Asian Paints and ‘Start Mumbai Urban Art Festival’ have created a dock art project for this. It is said that five artists from across the country will be busy with this work. What exactly is in this mural? So it will be the seas, people and their living standards in Mumbai. Congregation, Overall the beauty of Mumbai has added another.

7.Churchgate Station

Churchgate Station is now known for a new reason. It is because of a 5 foot tall Mahatma Gandhi mural at the station. Created by a Brazilian artist named Eduardo Kobra and created in collaboration with Asian Paints and ‘Start India’. Churchgate Station has given it a new identity.

6.Asiatic Society Library

The Asiatic Society Library, built 5 years ago, remains intact today. We can see here the architecture of the Greek and Roman system. Many texts, rare books, manuscripts have been preserved here. B. L Copies of Deshpande and Durga Bhagwat’s manuscript also belong to the same library. It is located close to the Gateway of India.

5.Earth Theater

Shashi Kapoor and his wife Jennifer Kapoor founded the Earth Theater together. In his memory, he named the theater ‘Prithvi’ in his memory. Earth is known as the best theater in Mumbai. Many plays are performed here. If you want to see Mumbai, you must visit this theater.

4.Jahangir Art Gallery

Jahangir Art Gallery is another famous place in Mumbai. The Jehangir Art Gallery is a perfect destination for art fans and artists. Jahangir Art Gallery was established in 1949. The Black Horse Festival is also famous in this area.

3.Love mumbai

You will see ‘Love Mumbai’ written in large letters on the beach of Bandra. This big letter Love Mumbai was created for the Black Horse Festival. But now he is permanently attached to Mumbai. Designed by Hitesh Malviya and Hanif Qureshi. This has given Mumbai a new selfie point.

2.Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Architects. This building is located in Mumbai. S. T Is known by this name. This building gives a glimpse of Indian and Gothic style construction. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the pride of Mumbai after the Gateway of India.

1.Marine Drive !!

After seeing the whole of Mumbai, coming to Marine Drive and spending a cool evening is a pure pleasure. No one can ever forget the evening spent on Marine Drive. Speaking of Mumbai, you can do it at this place.

So if the congregation wants to return to Mumbai, definitely visit all the above places.

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